Millions Are Now Allocated to Efforts Against Gambling Addiction

April 21, 2023 | Financial

DENMARK (April 19, 2023) — 30 million DKK is provisionally set aside for efforts against gambling addiction from 2023 to 25. The first DKK 10 million DKK is now realized and targeting information for children and young people and research into gambling addiction.

Almost 500,000 Danes have some degree of gambling problems, a report made by Rambøll on behalf of the Gambling Authority showed last year. This is more than a doubling since 2016. That development is worrying, and now efforts against gambling addiction are being strengthened from the political side.

In connection with the agreement Reducing Danes’ debt to the public sector from June 2022, it was agreed to set aside DKK 10 million. DKK annually in 2023-2025 to combat Danes’ gambling addiction.

“The development we are seeing in the gaming area is very worrying. Gambling addiction can have major and long-lasting consequences for those involved, and we have a special obligation to protect children and young people and other vulnerable groups. Therefore, there is a need for us to both strengthen information efforts towards children and young people and research into gambling addiction. And I am happy that we are now adding more resources to the effort,” says Tax Minister Jeppe Bruus.

In 2023, the funds must be used for the following four initiatives:

  • 5.0 million DKK is set aside for research into gambling addiction. An application pool is being created for research into gambling addiction at the Ministry of the Interior and Health – particularly targeted research that aims to remedy problems with gambling addiction in Denmark.
  • 2.5 million DKK is supplied to the Gambling Authority for use in a nationwide information campaign on gambling. The campaign targets children and young people as well as parents and other relatives.
  • 1.5 million is also set aside. DKK in 2023 under the auspices of the Gambling Authority to develop content for a national platform for information on gambling addiction.
  • 1.0 million In 2023, DKK will be earmarked by the Gambling Authority for the start-up of a joint Nordic study, which will contribute to obtaining a comparable basis for the spread of gambling addiction in the Nordic countries. Starting the study requires that the other Nordic countries can allocate funds to the project. If this is not possible, the funds can be moved to use for the nationwide campaign.

The negotiations in the gaming area have been postponed due to general elections and the formation of a government. The Minister of Taxation expects to start a new process during the spring, where the parties will discuss further initiatives that can stem the challenges of gambling addiction.

SOURCE: The Ministry of Taxation’s press release.

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