Neccton’s Mentor Software Selected by Loteries de Catalunya

April 5, 2023 | Online Gaming

Catalonia, Spain (April 3, 2023) — lotteries de Catalunya, a tier-one European lottery operator, has chosen Neccton’s mentor software to assist in safeguarding its players from potential gambling-related harm. The Spanish regional lottery operator will implement the mentor’s AI-driven real-time data analysis to identify and track problematic gambling behaviour. This will aid both players and operators in identifying potential issues early and recognizing triggers such as a significant increase in deposit frequency. Mentor can also alert the operator while directly contacting the player, assisting them in making better-informed decisions.

In addition to problem gambling identification, the mentor includes modules for Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This enables Neccton’s customers to address multiple issues with a single supplier.

Neccton’s mentor software is the result of over 15 years of academic research by Dr. Michael Auer, the company’s director and head of development. Dr. Auer is a world-renowned leader in academic research on responsible gambling and his work is frequently cited by regulatory bodies within their operator guidelines.

Dr Auer said of Neccton’s newest client: “Another top lottery has adopted our solution, which is a wonderful endorsement as we know that lottery operators work within very strict guidelines. We are looking forward to working and growing with Loteries de Catalunya for many years to come!”

A spokesperson from Loteries de Catalunya said: “Loteries de Catalunya believes in a lottery as a form of social entertainment that is technologically up-to-date and socially inclusive, and its mission is to contribute to the cohesion of society. Is for that reason that our organization believes that mentor is a perfect solution that ultimately provides real player protection and therefore improves our commitment to preventing excessive gambling and ensures a safer gaming environment for our players.

“Dr. Auer and his team have been amazing with all this challenging implementation and we look forward to many years of successful collaboration.”

SOURCE: iGaming Future.

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