TV and Radio Stations Running Live Lotteries and Betting Games Face Tougher Regulations and Sanctions

April 18, 2023 | Government

Nairobi, Kenya (April 14, 2023) — According to local media reports TV and radio stations running live lotteries and betting games to face tougher regulations after MPs on Wednesday called for more sanctions.

Kenya’s leading Newspaper ‘The Star’ reported lawmakers, while¬†making contributions to a motion by Nyeri Town MP Duncan Mathenge, decried what they termed as an elaborate syndicate aimed at fleecing Kenyans.

The MPs regretted that there are no stringent regulatory sanctions by the government to reign in on the companies they said are running lotteries on live TV and radio programmes.

Mathenge wants the government to move with speed and stop lotteries being run by media stations live on air.

The government must regulate the running of lotteries and any other forms of betting disguised as polls, contests and other SMS-based gaming by media houses,” he said.

MPs said the uncontrolled lotteries had become largely unethical with promises of big wins while collecting millions of shillings from Kenyans.

Nominated MP Dorothy Ikiara said programmes had made people poorer through enticements to participate in ‘immoral and unethical’ lotteries.

Families are being enticed to get rich quickly and has become an income-generating activity for unscrupulous people in this country,” she said.

The MP said the practices which are popular in most vernacular radio stations across the country were destroying the future of the young people.

It is immoral for people to make money by killing the future of our children and destroying families,” she said.

Busia Woman Representative Catherine Omanyo however opposed the motion saying the betting institutions are actively participating in helping the vulnerable in society through many social initiatives.

The MP said the motion was ill-advised to target certain media personalities for selfish interests, insisting that there are existing laws governing the industry.

“I don’t think anybody puts a gun on anyone’s head to gamble, it is a choice, the thing here is discipline,” she said.

If a person wants to become a millionaire and goes out there to bet and doesn’t win, we can’t blame the promoters, that is their mistake.

SOURCE: The Star.

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