Danskerhold is Number 1 in the World Rankings – but Danske Spil’s Customers See Another Way

May 12, 2023 | Sports Betting

Brondby, Denmark (May 9, 2023) — The purely Danish Counterstrike team Heroic is at the top of the latest world ranking – but the customers of Danske Spil are throwing their love at others before the next major tournament

When the Danish national team has to defend the red and white colours, it often happens that the customers of Danske Spil place their deposits with their hearts on what they hope for – namely Danish victory, but that is obviously not the case in e-sports. The purely Danish counterstrike team Heroic has just moved up to first place in the world rankings, but even so, it is not them that the customers at Danske Spil put the most money on.

Heroic is not even the team that is bet the second most money on.

“You could perhaps say that our e-sports customers are generally a little less red and white in their games than our customers in other sports are. In general, there is sometimes a tendency to bet a little more on the Danes than the qualities of the players perhaps warrant, because you hope – but you can’t say that when it comes to e-sports,” says the oddsmaker at Danske Spil, Marc Kjærgaard Larsen.

It is clear to see at the upcoming Blast Major in Paris: Although the Danish team Heroic is number 1 in the world ranking, they are only number three if you look at who Danske Spil’s customers believe will win the tournament:

At the time of writing, 37 percent of all bets on the Blast Major in Paris are placed on team G2, while 17 percent are placed on Vitality, and only 14 percent of bets are placed on Heroic as the winner.

However, Marc Kjærgaard Larsen also has an alternative explanation.

“I think that most Danes still see Astralis as the Danish flagship, even though the team has had a hard time for a long time. Heroic still has a long way to go in relation to achieving the same popularity and status as the Danes. I would think that at least as many Danes support the teams’ FaZe and Vitality as Heroic. It is of course also connected with the fact that there are Danes represented on the two teams in the form of Karrigan at FaZe and Magisk and Dupreeh at Vitality, so a little red and white top hat is still present,” says Marc Kjærgaard Larsen.

The Blast Major kicked off on May 8th in Paris and Heroic will enter the tournament on May 13th.

SOURCE: Danske Spil A/S

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