HISTORY: Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa

May 11, 2023 | Lottery News

LISBON (May 2023) — The lottery was created by the royal decree of Maria Maria, on November 18, 1783, and would be granted the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa to operate a multi-million dollar lottery, under the tutelage and supervision of the Royal Treasury, and the money to Royal Hospital, the Casa Dos Expostos and the Royal Academy of Sciences.

The first extraction took place on September 1 1784 and took about 34 days to get a one-to-one prize of 12000 o’clock.

The lottery was suspended in 1798 with the birth of the royal lotteries, leaving the Misericordia de Lisboa deprived of an important source of income, and its viability was compromised. It would, however, be restored in 1804 but again failed until 1811, the time of the French invasion.

In 1892, the game was operated by a private company, and only in 1893 the lottery was completely based on the monopoly of the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa.

On November 24, 1955, under Decree-Low 40 397, the Lottery officially accepted a national number and officially assumed full acceptance of the name of National Lottery as it continued to maintain its name up to the present day and encompasses the Classic and Popular Lottery.

The Popular Lottery was launched on March 10, 1987, with more affordable prices for players. This call was centered around the need for a combative ban on illegal gambling. The slogan was, “This raffle has proliferated in various media,” and then orientated the demand towards the state-level social games, and also to win over an audience with less purchasing power.

There are those whose competitions correspond to the number of tickets the individual drawers must use in the drawing by its name. The previously defined prize plan is printed on the back of the ticket, determining the category, the quantities and the value of the prizes to be awarded as it is the total number of tickets that it provides.

The fractions and series of tickets that span 5 fractions (composed of 5 fractions) of the Classic Lottery are associated with different types of draws in relation to special events, celebrations or other festive events, according to the fraction price of the prize: Ordinary 5 | Specials: 10 | Extraordinary: 15. The portion of the prize’s value corresponds to an additional 1/5 of the ticket’s value.

The first prize can be worth 12 million and five hundred thousand euros, the first of which is in the emblematic Christmas Lottery. That Classic Lottery is the States of America with the highest probability of hitting the number contemplated for the first prize. A fraction of the price of a fraction is average.

With 1st prize value ranging from 75 to 150 thousand euros, the values of the popular lottery fraction vary, according to the kind of draws: Ordinary: 2 | Special: 3 | Extraordinary: 5. This product is based on the Jogos Santa Casa portfolio and is second-leading to the lowest number awarded at the first prize.

SOURCE: News24.com.