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May 16, 2023 | Vendor News

MAY 15, 2023 – Inspired Entertainment, Inc. (“Inspired” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: INSE) is pleased to introduce its latest Virtual Sports product, Re-Play eSports™ featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (“CS:GO”) in partnership with GRID, a game data platform specialized in providing in-game data solutions for the eSports and gaming industry.

eSports is an innovative sport that has a consistently growing audience base, with currently more than 500 million gamers worldwide. Inspired believes the fusion of Virtual Sports and eSports has the potential to bring new players to their customers as well as providing existing players a new, exciting gaming experience.

Re-Play eSports™ will showcase footage taken exclusively from the CS:GO’s global tournament – Champion of Champions Tour that include professional and international teams from across the globe and will be offered via Inspired’s Virtuals sportsbook and VPP platforms to new and existing customers. The official in-game data and video feeds to power Re-Play eSports™ will be provided by GRID.

CS:GO is a well-known and popular tactical multiplayer first-person shooter video game. In Re-Play eSports™, two teams go head-to-head to battle it out. Bets will be offered on a variety of possible outcomes including, which team will win, which team will get the first kill and total number of survivors.

“Being able to offer fixed odds eSports games through our existing Virtual Sports platforms is a unique fusion of two product verticals that have seen exponential growth over the past 2-3 years,” said Steve Rogers, Chief Commercial Officer of Virtual Sports at Inspired. “Making eSports events available 24/7/365 across our certified Virtual Sports platforms is a uniquely exciting offer. We are looking forward to unveiling our Re-Play eSports™ game with GRID as a whole new genre of betting events aimed at capturing the attention of a different player demographic outside the more traditional sports betting community.”
“CS:GO has proven to be an iconic eSports title with an active fanbase that has been growing constantly for more than a decade. Inspired has taken a unique approach to creating the product that recognized the next generation’s needs and taps into the eSports potential,” said Mikael Westerling, Chief Sales Officer at GRID. “We are excited to partner with Inspired to make sure the next wave of innovation in eSports betting is powered by official in-game data, providing the best fan experience for all players.”
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About Inspired Entertainment, Inc.

Inspired offers an expanding portfolio of content, technology, hardware and services for regulated gaming, betting, lottery, social and leisure operators across land-based and mobile channels around the world. Inspired’s gaming, Virtual Sports, interactive and leisure products appeal to a wide variety of players, creating new opportunities for operators to grow their revenue. Inspired operates in approximately 35 jurisdictions worldwide, supplying gaming systems with associated terminals and content for approximately 50,000 gaming machines located in betting shops, pubs, gaming halls and other route operations; virtual sports products through more than 32,000 retail venues and various online websites; digital games for 170+ websites; and a variety of amusement entertainment solutions with a total installed base of more than 16,000 terminals.

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About GRID:

GRID is a data platform serving the game industry with in-game data infrastructure, data management and asset distribution solutions.

The GRID Data Platform allows rights holders to manage and distribute their in-game data to various user groups including the community, professional players, and commercial data users. GRID partners with over 90 rights holders such as Riot Games, KRAFTON, WePlay and PGL, and offers a robust network of integrated data customers in media, fantasy, player coaching, and other categories. GRID is headquartered in Berlin with teams in the US, Poland, Sweden, and China, and employs over 95 people globally.

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