International Gaming Standards Committee Announces Creation of Ethical AI Committee

May 24, 2023 | Vendor News

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (May 23, 2023) — The International Gaming Standards Committee (IGSA) announces the formation of an Ethical AI Committee. Founding members of this committee include Aristocrat Gaming,, Light & Wonder and Playtech.

The Ethical Artificial Intelligence Committee (EAIC) is charged with the responsibility to curate AI algorithm fairness standards for global gaming markets, with the objective of making sure that any decisions made by AI-influenced systems are fair and equitable to human users. Nimish Purohit, Vice Chair of IGSA and Global Vice President of Quality – Gaming at Aristocrat has been appointed as Acting Chair of the Committee.

“We are at a pivotal moment in the history of our Industry,” stated Nimish Purohit, IGSA Vice Chair. “Artificial Intelligence is coming of age and its possibilities are limitless. The IGSA’s charter as a standards organization gives us a unique lens with which to protect our members and our industry from both the opportunities and challenges that AI brings with it. The formation of this non-technical committee will establish frameworks that empower regulators working tirelessly to update their jurisdictional requirements in the AI arena.”

“Artificial intelligence is the killer app that will redefine the rules of competition” stated Earle G. Hall, Chairman of the Board of IGSA and CEO of “To ensure that these rules are fair, ethical, and integral, the creation of this committee will offer our industry guidelines, policies and standards to learn from and to adopt and adapt in their jurisdictions. I am personally very excited about the overwhelming response we have had from members to join this committee and do the right thing for our industry as a whole.”


The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) is the largest technical standards development organization dedicated to the creation and evolution of standards to the betterment of the global gaming industry. Through the creation and evolution of the intellectual property, exclusively available to its distinguished membership, and with the input of regulators, operators and suppliers all over the world, the IGSA ensures its members enjoy a unique strategic advantage. IGSA is the industry’s most recognized catalyst between jurisdictional regulatory bodies and online and land-based operators. This ensures its members’ cross-sectorial visibility and reach and a facility to access commercialization channels through the IGSA standardized protocols and standards.

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SOURCE: The International Gaming Standards Committee (IGSA).

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