IWG and Virginia Lottery Introduce “eDraw” Style Game

May 23, 2023 | Vendor News

New Digital Game Merges Classic Lotto Mechanic with Jackpot Top Prize

May 22, 2023: Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a leading supplier of eInstant games to NASPL/WLA-member lotteries, congratulates the Virginia Lottery on the launch of Lotto Virginia, the U.S. lottery industry’s first on-demand, digital-only lotto game featuring a progressive jackpot top prize.

Lotto Virginia offers a nostalgic lotto experience in a modern digital format to players across the Commonwealth. The gameplay is a 6/42 draw matrix. Players can purchase up to four tickets for each draw. Six matching numbers wins the top jackpot prize. The Virginia Lottery previously offered a retail draw game named Lotto Virginia with a similar playstyle.

Lotto Virginia is powered by InstantJackpots, IWG’s progressive jackpots engine which has been deployed in more than 75 eInstant launches over the past two years. Lotto Virginia, including its InstantJackpots prizing, is entirely integrated within IWG’s InstantRGS (remote game server). This allowed the Virginia Lottery to launch the game without any development assistance at the iLottery platform level.

Jason Lisiecki, VP, North America at IWG, said: “Kudos to the Virginia Lottery for continuing to innovate within its iLottery portfolio. An on-demand draw game with a progressive jackpot grand prize will help expand the Lottery’s online player base. I’m thrilled about this launch, as it appeals to a traditional lotto audience and showcases the wide capabilities of our progressive jackpot game lineup.”

Scott Kenyon, Strategic Games Manager at Virginia Lottery, said: “This game has “Lotto” potential! Lotto Virginia plays an important role in our content acquisition strategy, as it can potentially introduce draw game players to our eInstant games. Whenever one of our draw games has a jackpot run, we see a surge in new iLottery registrations. Now we can offer these players a familiar playstyle and brand, but in a digital-only eInstant format. It’s a natural next step for our iLottery product mix, and we look forward to seeing how it performs with our players.”

About IWG

IWG is the world leader in supplying digital e-Instant and instant win games to WLA and NASPL-member lotteries. It has 20 years experience of in making top-selling, high-quality games and the strategic know-how to make them work.

Each year, IWG develops more than 300 new InstantGames for its global base of lottery customers. Its games consistently perform at the highest level, engaging and retaining players while driving superior sales results. It has the knowledge to deliver winning game portfolios, and the experience to make them grow.

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SOURCE: Instant Win Gaming (IWG).

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