Large European Cooperation to Protect Players from Illegal Gambling Companies

May 31, 2023 | illegal gambling

GREF (Gaming Regulators European Forum) aims, among other things, to protect players from the risks of playing with illegal companies.

– Common to all members is the concern that illegal gambling sites do not protect the players in the same way as legal ones. Becoming addicted to gambling is serious for both players and their families, says Monica Alisøy Kjelsnes, a lawyer at the Swedish Lottery Authority and member of GREF.

Shall cooperate against illegal companies

Member countries have different laws and regulations, but despite this, several countries experience that companies offer and market gambling without the law. The members of GREF must cooperate in the fight against companies that offer gambling without a licence.

– We shall do this through the exchange of information and knowledge, warnings and joint actions against illegal gambling. Among other things, we want to join together in dialogue with social media and large technology companies, such as Google, to prevent illegal game advertising in various countries, says Kjelsnes.

Here you can read the declaration on GREF’s homepage.

More difficult to operate in the Norwegian market

In Norway, there are several gambling companies that both offer and market illegal gambling. We are getting more and more tools to stop these companies. The illegal TV advertising is gone, and Norwegian banks are stopping transfers to and from the company.

Unibet owner Trannel has been fined. Betsson owner BML Group has been notified of a compulsory fine, which they must pay if they do not withdraw from Norway.

– We see that it is becoming more difficult for illegal actors to operate in the Norwegian market. We will make this work a high priority going forward, and we will set up supervision of several companies. When it concerns companies that intend to withdraw from Norway and have implemented measures that show that it is a reality, we will prioritize guiding them, says Kjelsnes.

SOURCE:  Lotteritilsynet og

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