Lawmaker Propose the Creation of a State Administered Sports Lottery

May 10, 2023 | Government
  • Deputy Roberto Carlos intends to create the Bahia Sports Lottery based in the capital, to be operated and administered by the State, in accordance with the regulations of the Executive Branch.
  • The Deputy presented, in the Legislative Assembly, a bill authorizing Governor Jerônimo Rodrigues to define the modalities of drawing contests, using numbers or other symbols, lotteries and bets of all kinds.

BAHIA, Brazil (May 8, 2023) — In the document, the deputy determines that the amounts arising from the exploitation of lottery services will be applied to public policies in the area of ​​amateur sports. It also establishes that the net income from the Loteria Esportiva da Bahia contests and the amounts of their prizes, not claimed by players within the limitation period, will be allocated to the state sports incentive program.

The deputy also clarifies that lottery services include the creation, distribution and commercialization of products; the implementation of an online platform for commercialization; implementation of communication and publicity actions to publicize the Loteria Esportiva da Bahia; in addition to paying prizes to winning bettors.

According to Roberto Carlos, states like Paraná, Maranhão, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Ceará, Tocantins and Amazonas already have legislation on the subject. He pointed out that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) broke the Union’s monopoly on the exploitation of lottery games and the decision allows states to also explore this type of service, as a source of alternative resources for federal entities, especially those facing financial difficulties.

The deputy leader of the Government in the Legislative Assembly argues that this is a sector that generates a lot of interest in the market due to its growth potential and high competitiveness, which can generate gains for the future concessionaire and also for the State.

” There is a large number of websites that currently privately explore sports betting modalities, without any compensation for society and the PL aims for this sports betting model to be managed by a consolidated lottery, with credibility and tradition”, explains the deputy, considering that it is the duty of the state to encourage sport, as it plays a fundamental role in solving various social problems.

“ The practice of sport can provide numerous advantages, one of the main ones being the fight against violence. Through sport, it is possible to obtain a significant reduction in the rates of aggression in the region where it is inserted, since compliance with rules is present and necessary in this context, a primordial element for life in society”, highlighted the Green Party deputy, which requested the support of parliamentary colleagues for the approval of the said bill.

SOURCE: Legislative Assembly of Bahia.

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