Austrian Lotteries Optimises Protection of Minors and Raises Age Limit for Lottery Games

June 13, 2023 | Responsible gaming

Lottery Games Only for Over-18s in Future

VIENNA, Austria (June 10, 2023) — Austrian Lotteries is raising the age limit for the sale of betting slip games and instant lotteries to 18 as of Monday, July 10, 2023. In doing so, they are optimising their player and youth protection measures and setting another milestone in responsible gaming.

Playing the lottery, EuroMillions, etc., and buying lottery and scratch-off tickets will then only be permitted to anyone aged 18 or over. This is a voluntary self-restriction (as is also the case with the current age limit of 16) and marks Austrian Lotteries as a socio-politically responsible licensee for lottery games in Austria.

The retail outlets are contractually obligated – as they have been in the past – to adhere to the age limit when selling lottery games and to carry out an ID check if necessary.

This increase in the age limit puts things in line with the Class Lottery as well as win2day. As of midnight on July 10, participation in all Austrian Lotteries games will only be permitted to persons aged 18 and over. This age limit has also always applied to tipp3’s sports betting programme.

Of course, the same applies to the payment of winnings, with the restriction that winnings for which the pick or ticket was purchased by 16- or 17-year-olds before the changeover to 18+ will still be paid out to them after the changeover. For betting-slip games, the purchase date on the receipt will be checked. In the case of break-open and scratch-off tickets, a winning claim must be made to Austrian Lotteries. The prize claim will be used to verify that the ticket purchase occurred or could have occurred prior to July 10. If that is the case, these winnings will also be paid out after the conversion, and if not, the payment will be refused.

About Austrian Lotteries

Austrian Lotteries is an internationally recognised gaming company that has been offering high-quality games of chance for adults interested in gaming with its broad product portfolio since 1986. A serious approach as well as transparency and security in gaming operations are just as much a top priority for the management and the approximately 500 employees as the protection of gaming participants and the support of numerous projects that are important for Austria and its people. The assumption of socio-political responsibility by the company as a whole is presented under the motto “practicing responsibility together” on the new platform

SOURCE: Austrian Lotteries.

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