Embralote Becomes the First Private Entity to Commence Instant Lottery Operations in the State of Paraíba

June 23, 2023 | Government

LOTEP starts operating the Instant mode through an authorized private company with due permission from the regulatory body

BRAZIL (June 17, 2023) — After being contemplated in the Instant modality by the LOTEP accreditation process, Embralote (www.embralote.com.br) today set a milestone in the history of State Lotteries in Brazil.

“We are very happy to be able to provide the public service of lotteries in Paraíba. We are sure that this will bring a lot of revenue to be reverted in the social sector of the State”, said the CEO and founder of the company Eduardo Paiva.

Soon after this launch of Embralote, according to the superintendent of LOTEP, Mr. Francisco Petrônio Rolim mentioned that he intends to bring more novelties to the control and collection of the State.

“In this new phase, the lottery intends to bring partners with cutting-edge technology for the safety of players in Paraíba. As we are one of the few state lotteries that remained open even before the 2020 decision of the Federal Supreme Court, we have the responsibility of being one of the biggest references in lotteries for the whole country,” said Rolim.

Embralote should implement more than 1000 video lottery terminals (VLT) throughout the state of Paraíba in the next 180 days, and generate hundreds of new direct and indirect jobs in the State.

As stated in an exclusive interview with GMB, the company Embralote explained that it will choose third sector institutions to make voluntary and periodic donations through the Jogo do Bem project, as part of its institutional strategy in Paraíba, as stated by the company’s CEO.

“We believe that the Lottery can be another tool for social transformation. From the beginning, we will support credible non-profit causes and institutions throughout the State, thus demonstrating our sincere commitment to the people of Paraíba”, explained the company .

Paiva concluded the interview by saying “In addition to the social contribution, we are using the best practices in the international lottery market, such as the use of Geolocation technology so that we do not go beyond the limits of the State of Paraíba, money laundering prevention processes, use of Conscious Game tools such as prevention, ludopathy and many other control tools.”