Lottopar Website Registers Record Hits with Launch of Lottery Operator Accreditation Announcement

June 13, 2023 | Government

BRAZIL, Parana (June 10, 2023) — The incentive to regularize fixed-odd sports betting made the news of the accreditation process for lottery operators in the State of Paraná attract many interested in the operation of this modality.

Since May 19, when the Accreditation Edict for Lottery Operators was launched by the Loteria do Estado do Paraná (Lottopar) for the operation of fixed-odd sports betting in the State, the institution’s website had a record number of visits.

There were 2,556 accesses to the institution’s page and only the Accreditation Notice had 309 views, with a total of 463 new users viewing the content of the publications and 84 downloads of documents related to this accreditation.

But access was not limited only to the State, not even to the country, since the interest of another 25 countries, from all continents, in accessing the available information was notable.

Lottopar is still in the phase of receiving proposals from those interested in being a lottery operator and with this it is taking new steps so that responsible gambling can be effectively implemented in the State of Paraná.

SOURCE: Paraná State Lotteries.