New statistics: the Proportion of in the Swedish Licensing System at a Critically Low Level

June 20, 2023 | Government

The report presented today shows that the channelization for the online gaming market as a whole is 77 percent. Sports betting has a channelization of 84 percent and online casino 72 percent.

The state’s goal with the gambling regulation is that at least 90 percent of Swedish consumers’ games for money must be channeled to the Swedish license market, in which the Swedish Gambling Authority assigns gambling licenses and monitors the gambling market.

The report is available to view here .

There is no doubt that the Swedish licensing system is in a serious situation. Far too much power has been spent on the part of the state to force the licensed gambling companies to implement measures that have not been well received by gambling consumers. I’m thinking of things like Sweden’s de facto ban on bonuses and the ban on betting in lower football divisions. This has not been appreciated by the gaming community, around a quarter of whose gaming now leaks out of the licensing system into the unlicensed gaming market. In the unlicensed gaming market, both consumer protection and tax payments to the state are non-existent,” says Gustaf Hoffstedt.

If we are to succeed in reversing this development, a shift in mentality on the part of the state is required, from hunting, fining and limiting the range of games for licensed gambling companies to hunting the unlicensed ones instead. As well as not regulating the licensed companies’ ability to retain gambling consumers on the licensed market. It is possible to reverse the trend, and from the industry’s side we are prepared to join hands with the state to achieve the goal of improved canalization in Sweden,” concludes Gustaf Hoffstedt.

About BOS

The industry association for online games – BOS – represents gaming companies and developers of online games that target Swedish consumers. The association was founded in 2012 to represent the industry in Sweden and abroad. All our members have a Swedish gaming license where required. It is a basic requirement for membership in BOS and guarantees high quality and responsibility.

Key issues

  • Game regulation
  • The gaming industry
  • Online game questions
  • Gambling taxation
  • Gaming responsibility
  • The integrity of sport

Online games are the fastest growing segment of the Swedish gaming market. It’s a huge business and one of the internet’s biggest commercial success stories. Against this background, BOS has committed to promoting a well-regulated and non-discriminatory Swedish environment for responsible gaming companies. With this, we share the goals with the Swedish legislation:

  • a healthy and safe gambling market where social protection interests and the demand for gambling are met in controlled ways
  • social protection considerations must be prioritized, while the interest in a varied range of games as well as the risks of fraud and illegal gambling are taken into account

Core business

In the interest of the members, BOS activities include:

  • Encourage high standards of fairness, integrity and social responsibility in the gaming industry;
  • To work together with government officials, legislators and other stakeholders to continue to develop the system within which the industry operates;
  • Provide a central source of information and expertise for those seeking to understand the industry; and
  • Provide a forum for the industry to share knowledge, agree on policy, share resources and adopt strategic responses to common challenges.

SOURCE: The industry association for online gambling (BOS).

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