ANJ and ARPP Sign a Partnership Agreement to Strengthen Their Co-operation

July 22, 2023 | Advertising

Isabelle FALQUE-PIERROTIN, President of the ANJ, and François d’AUBERT, President of the ARPP, have signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation between their two institutions, with the aim of promoting effective regulation of advertising by gambling operators.

PARIS, France (July 19, 2023) — This agreement comes after very fruitful exchanges over the past three years, in the direction of a convergence of the respective doctrines in terms of advertising for gambling.

It is in this spirit that the ARPP (Professional Advertising Regulatory Authority) recently updated its “Gambling” Recommendation adopted in 2009 in order to take into account the guidelines of the ANJ (National Gaming Authority) of February 17, 2022 relating to commercial communications by gambling operators.

The purpose of this partnership agreement is to go even further and strengthen operational cooperation between the ARPP and the ANJ, with the aim of deepening exchanges between the two authorities and promoting effective regulation of commercial communications by gambling operators.

This agreement is based on five key points: 

  • A clarification of the respective roles  : the ARPP being the first point of contact for gambling operators concerning their commercial communications projects before distribution;

  • Sharing points of view  : the ARPP can contact the ANJ to share its analyzes and gather its opinion when it has doubts about the conformity of a commercial communication project, while respecting the confidentiality of the projects submitted to it;

  • An exchange of information  : when the ARPP is informed of the filing of a complaint before the Jury of Advertising Ethics concerning a commercial communication in favor of the gambling offer of a legally authorized operator, it informs the ANJ. Conversely, the ANJ informs the ARPP when the withdrawal of a commercial communication is envisaged;

  • The creation of an annual observatory , within the framework of which the ARPP and the ANJ can in particular discuss the major advertising trends and the emerging commercial practices of operators;

  • Regular collaboration with a view to creating or improving operator support tools (for example the “gambling” module of the Responsible Influence Certificate).

The effective implementation of this convention should contribute to favoring a bias of moderation concerning advertisements relating to gambling, at the dawn of the major sporting events which are to be announced in the coming months, in particular the Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games.

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SOURCE: ANJ (National Gaming Authority).

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