Proactive Adjustments to Gaming Machine Tax

July 26, 2023 | Gaming Machines

L&GNSW continues proactive adjustments to gaming machine tax on an ongoing basis.

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia (July 25, 2023) — Given the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 gaming years, L&GNSW undertook proactive discretionary adjustments to account for overpayments of gaming machine tax to assist industry. This meant that, for relevant gaming machine venues, their final quarter tax liability was adjusted to account for any overpayment of tax, without the need for an application.

This adjustment was processed after venues received their tax invoices from MAXgaming, but prior to the direct debit of the venues’ bank accounts. Venues were notified by email of the new assessment figure.

L&GNSW will be continuing the practice of proactive adjustments this tax year however, will be processing adjustments prior to the final quarter’s gaming machine tax invoices being issued on the 14th of the relevant month to account for any gaming machine tax adjustment required.

Any relevant adjustment will be accounted for in the final quarter, without the need for an application, and the licensee’s nominated bank account will be direct debited on the 21st of the relevant month, for the correct amount as shown on the tax invoice.

If the adjustment results in a tax credit greater than the tax Invoice issued, L&GNSW will apply this credit to previous quarters and recalculate the tax payable. Revenue NSW will then process a refund and send you an updated Assessment Notice.

For more information on the tax rates visit hotel tax rates or registered club tax rates

SOURCE: Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW).

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