CAIXA Launches Public Notice for the Opening of Ten New Lotteries

August 29, 2023 | Lottery News

Electronic auction selects permission holders for the opening of new units

BRAZIL (August 22, 2023) — CAIXA launched electronic auction nº 424/2023 for the selection of individuals or legal entities to explore lottery activity through the permission regime, as provided for by law. Interested parties must participate in the accreditation process, check the auction rules and the specific addresses accepted for the new units in a notice published on the CAIXA Licitações Portal , which will be available until 10:00 am (Brasília time) on August 23 of this year.

The commercial relationship between the bank and the lottery entrepreneur is governed by CAIXA Circular nº 1.010/2023 and by Laws 8.987/1995, which provides for the concession and permission regime for public services, and 12.869/2013, which establishes criteria for hiring lottery licensees, defining lottery permission as the grant, through bidding, to market all federal lotteries and products authorized by CAIXA to Individuals and Legal Entities, provided that they demonstrate performance capacity, at their own risk.

The studies that guided the bid were based on technical criteria, which observe the potential for selling the CAIXA Lotteries and the demand for serving the local population. The opening of these units is in line with the bank’s institutional strategy of serving the entire Brazilian population, with channels available in 100% of the country’s municipalities.

Permissions for new lottery shops are for the municipalities of Ceará-Mirim (RN), Escada (PE), Sirinhaém (PE), Girau do Ponciano (AL), Seropédica (RJ), São Cristóvão (SE), Santa Rita (PB) , Almirante Tamandaré (PR), Padre Bernardo (GO) and Eugenópolis (MG).

To register, submit proposals, bids, negotiations and other stages of the process, bidders must access their personalized space, entitled “Bidder’s Area”, through the CAIXA Licitações Portal, and select the option “Access to the system”. Accreditation must be done by 10:00 am on August 23, 2023 and submission of proposals by 10:30 am on the same date. The bids for each unit follow the schedule below:


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