Conar Creates Group to Define Betting Advertising Rules

August 7, 2023 | Advertising

BRAIL (July 28, 2023) — The National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (Conar) announced this Thursday, 27, the formation of a working group that will be responsible for establishing the rules of advertising and communication of sports betting houses.

This announcement comes two days after the Federal Government published Provisional Measure 1182/23, which regulates the performance of companies in this segment in the national territory.

In addition to establishing that bookmakers will have to pay a fee on the profit collected, the MP also determines that companies will have to follow ethical guidelines for communication and marketing.

According to the MP, “Conar may establish additional restrictions and guidelines to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance and issue specific recommendations for communication, advertising and marketing actions for the fixed-quota lottery.”

What will the Conar working group do for bookmaker advertising?

The first meeting of the working group created by Conar to define the advertising guidelines for sports betting companies will have its first meeting scheduled in the coming days.

As a first task, the members will discuss compliance with self-regulation rules, which should reinforce the national regulations already in force.

This group will also be able to suggest additional restrictions to ensure the protection of consumers, especially the most vulnerable groups.

In this context, the implementation of self-regulation rules is foreseen through the handling of consumer complaints related to advertisements; monitoring program to track the implementation of the rules; examination of complaints in the dispute resolution body, Conar’s Ethics Council and compliance with the recommendations made, and awareness actions on the content of responsible advertising rules.

Who are the members of the Conar working group for bookmaker advertising?

To compose the group that will have the task of defining advertising guidelines, as well as compliance inspection strategies, Conar selected members from different market entities.

This working group includes members of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR), IAB Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Advertisers (ABA), the National Association of Magazine Editors (Aner), the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (Abert) and National Association of Games and Lotteries (ANJL).

See, below, the members of the Conar working group:

Adriana Machado (ABAP)
Ana Paula Silveira (IAB Brazil)
André Gelfi (IBJR)
Arthur Silva (IBJR)
Cássio Filter (IBJR)
Célio Belém (ABA)
Danielle Bibas (ABA)
Natalia Kuchar (IAB Brazil)
Rafael Soriano (ANER)
Rodolfo. F. de Souza Salema (ABERT)
Renata Regino (IAB Brazil)
Tiago Aguiar (ABA)
Urbano Sampaio Neto (IAB Brazil)
Wanessa Bezerra Vieira (IAB Brazil)
Wesley Cardia (ANJL)

For Conar’s technical staff, also participating:
Juliana Albuquerque
Fernanda Carrilho
Ernesto Morita

SOURCE: Meio & Mensagem.

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