Foreign Online Casino Violations Count Towards Evaluation of Curaçao Licenses

August 12, 2023 | illegal gambling

WILLEMSTAD (August 11, 2023) – The Australian regulatory authority ACMA recently sent a letter to Curaçao’s Minister Silvania, which led to a dialogue between ACMA and Curaçao’s Gaming Control Board. 

In these discussions, it has become clear that violations committed by sublicense holders abroad are not ignored, but are actually taken into consideration in the evaluation process of a license application under the new gambling legislation on the island. 

Following a Freedom of Information request, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) made internal documents public. These documents included communication between ACMA and the Curaçao authorities. Among these documents was ACMA’s letter to Curaçao’s Minister Javier Silvania. 

ACMA expressed a willingness to collaborate with Curaçao due to the fact that many online casinos operating under a Curaçao sublicense are illegal in Australia. As a result, ACMA is actively working to address these sublicense holders. 

In response, a representative of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) sent an email to ACMA confirming Curaçao’s openness to collaboration. Additionally, they promised to reach out to the master license holders who have granted sublicenses to online casinos that have violated the Australian gambling law. 

A meeting between GCB and ACMA resulted in a planned encounter that took place on June 7th. During this meeting, GCB representatives explained how the new Curaçao gambling law operates. They emphasized that sublicense holders must reapply for a license to continue operating their online casinos under a Curaçao license. It was also emphasized that foreign violations will factor into the evaluation of these new applications. 

The list of sublicense holders that have violated the Australian gambling law, provided by ACMA, will be useful in processing new license applications by GCB, which is set to begin next month. Furthermore, online casinos applying for a new Curaçao license must establish procedures to resolve disputes with “affected customers,” such as Australians. 

GCB stressed to ACMA its intention to continue sharing information informally in the future and hopes for further cooperation. This also applies to the future Curaçao Gaming Authority, which will succeed GCB under the new gambling law.

SOURCE: Curacao Chronicle.

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