Landmark Reforms to Reduce Gambling Related Harm and Money Laundering

August 29, 2023 | money-laundering


By the end of 2025, Victorians will have the strongest gambling harm protections in Australia.

The Victorian Government has announced new reforms to reduce gambling harm and money laundering at venues with electronic gaming machines across the state.

An estimated 330,000 Victorians experience harm as a result of gambling each year. This costs Victoria around $7 billion each year. It leads to financial distress, mental health concerns and relationship issues.

Proposed reform

The potential reforms are outlined below. We are seeking public feedback on them.

It is proposed that all gaming machines in Victoria will require mandatory pre-commitment limits and carded play, helping patrons keep the power over their choices. This will also help track money and stop money laundering through our gaming venues.

Load up limits – how much money an individual can put into a gaming machine at a time – will be capped at $100. This is down from the current limit of $1,000. This will help people make informed decisions about their spending and reduce the amount they can lose.

By mid-2024, all gaming machine areas in a venue, except the casino, will need to be closed between 4am and 10am. Evidence shows that some venues are staggering their opening hours to allow users to move between venues to continue gambling.

The government will also make it mandatory for all new gaming machines to spin at a rate of 3 seconds per game. This is to slow the pace of the game down and limit the how much money can be lost.

Aim of this consultation

The purpose of this consultation is to better understand the effects of these major reforms, including benefits, risks and costs of different options.

What we learn will inform recommendations to government on the legislative framework for carded play and changes needed to implement mandatory pre-commitment, load up limits and spin rates.

The department will consult with affected groups as these measures are developed.

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SOURCE: State Government of Victoria.
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