MGA Launches Consultation on Voluntary ESG Code of Good Practice for Remote Gaming Sector

August 9, 2023 | Government

MALTA (August 4, 2023)  — The Malta Gaming Authority has launched a targeted consultation with its licensees to gather their input and feedback on a draft voluntary Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Code of Good Practice. The consultation serves as an opportunity for licensees to actively participate and further contribute towards the development of this code.

In 2022, the MGA embarked upon a journey – underpinned by the Authority’s objective of promoting a sustainable gaming sector that safeguards players’ rights – to explore the development of such a code, with the aim of guiding and preparing licensees for upcoming ESG legislation (particularly the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), and of helping them reap the benefits of running a sustainably-conscious operation.

The ESG code seeks to serve as an instrument for self-regulation, helping remote gaming companies align with best practices and maintain a position that allows them to effectively meet the evolving expectations of key stakeholders in the sector.

The draft ESG code is the result of a six-month journey, consisting of three extensive stages: the peer review and research phase, materiality assessment, and stakeholder interviews. The pre-consultation activities established a solid foundation for subsequent consultations, ensuring that the code is well-informed and reflective of the industry’s ESG priorities and stakeholder expectations.

This is now ready for a final round of feedback from key stakeholders.

While the proposed code applies to remote gaming companies, the Authority is exploring the possibility of extending it to the land-based sector in Malta, with a view to including such entities within scope in the future, and with ESG disclosures being adapted as required.

Kindly contact the Authority on with any queries or feedback regarding the consultation.

SOURCE: Malta Gaming Authority.

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