Nine Authorized Companies Have 21 Days to Submit Plan for the Creation of a State Lottery in Rio Grande do Sul

August 16, 2023 | Government

BRAZIL (August 16, 2023) — The State Government, through the Secretariat for Partnerships and Concessions, published on Tuesday (15/8), in the Official Gazette, the result of the expression of interest procedure to start the creation of a state lottery. Authorized companies have a period of 120 days to present the studies. NGT, INTRALOT, Saga, Hebara and Brasil Fernandes Advogados, among others, were approved at this stage.

The project aims to implement and operate lottery services in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, covering possible models of delegation to the private sector.

Among the projected results are:

  • new free resources in the State Treasury to finance social security and other relevant social areas;
  • regulation and fight against illegal betting;
  • funds arising from a possible onerous grant;
  • generation of new jobs;
  • dynamization of the economy; It is
  • contribution to the emergence of new businesses related to the provision of lottery services.


The collection potential of the lottery market and its role as a funder of social policies is envisioned, which makes it necessary to discuss lottery modalities, regulatory and legal aspects that promote relevant social and economic benefits, in addition to mitigating risks inherent in the current movement of lotteries and games.

However, it is necessary to create operational conditions in order to be able to explore lottery sales in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

To this end, the Secretariat for Partnerships and Concessions published the PMI for the purpose of receiving studies of possible models of delegation to the private sector, which do not imply any contribution or expenditure of resources by the state.

Therefore, studies are needed to support the future concession of lottery services, so that the Public Administration has the necessary and sufficient elements to form a judgment of convenience and opportunity in making a decision on the best model to be implemented.

The following companies were authorized:

*NGT Brasil Technology and Lottery Activities and Ricardo de Paula Feijó

*Intralot do Brasil Comércio de Equipamentos e Programas de Controle Ltda

*Hebara Distribuidora de Produtos Lotericos S/A

*Guimarães e Vieira e Mello Advogados and Saga Consultoria e Representações Comerciais e Empresariais S/A

*Star Instant Lottery SPE S/A

*Shimata & Kikuchi GBSA Consortium

*Competência Distribuidora e Operadora de Títulos Ltda

*Brasil Fernandes Advogados Associados and Cordeiro Lima Sociedade de Advogados

*AM&FPA Computer Equipment and Programs Ltd.


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