Supervision of the Swedish Gaming Authority

August 23, 2023 | Gambling

Riksrevisionen logo, link to the home page.STOCKHOLM, Sweden (August 18, 2023) — The National Audit Office has started an examination of the Gambling Authority’s supervision of the gambling market.

The goal of the Swedish gambling policy is “… a healthy and safe gambling market under public control, which protects the revenue for the public and which provides good conditions for non-profit non-profit activities to obtain funding through revenue from gambling. The negative consequences of gambling must be reduced and there must be a high level of security in the games. Gambling for money must be covered by strong consumer protection and cannot be misused for criminal activity”.

The Swedish Gaming Authority’s supervision is crucial for the goal to be achieved. At the same time, the authority’s conditions for carrying out supervision have changed due to the re-regulation of the gaming market. The National Audit Office intends to review whether the Gambling Authority’s supervision of the gambling market is effective.

More information about the audit and the timing of publication of the upcoming audit report will be posted on the website at a later stage.


The National Audit Office’s audits are carried out in two phases, where in a preparatory phase we design the audit and plan time and resources. In the latter phase, the main work with information gathering and analysis is carried out.

SOURCE: The National Audit Office.

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