Independent Panel Issues Invitations to Apply for the Cashless Gaming Trial

September 26, 2023 | money-laundering

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia (September 25, 2023) — The Independent Panel on Gaming Reform has issued invitations for venues and technology providers to apply to participate in the cashless gaming trial.

Applicants should meet the minimum requirements set by the Independent Panel to take part in the cashless gaming trial, including harm minimisation protections, anti-money laundering protections, and data security and privacy protections, and specific requirements for venues.

Applications close on 13 October 2023.

Independent panel on gaming reform

The NSW Government is taking a leading role in gaming reform through the establishment of an Independent Panel on Gaming Reform. The Panel will oversee a cashless gaming trial on electronic gaming machines in a range of venues across NSW.

On 13 July, the Government announced the establishment of the 16-member Panel. The Independent Panel Terms of Reference are now available.

Who is on the Independent Panel?

The Panel includes three independent Executive Committee members:

  • Chair: Michael Foggo, a former NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Commissioner
  • Dr Ursula Stephens, former Senator for NSW., Australian Labor Party
  • The Hon Niall Blair, former Minister and Deputy Leader of the NSW Nationals

The Panel also comprises of the following members from law enforcement and industry, alongside experts and academics in the field of gambling and health:

  • David Hudson, Deputy Commissioner, NSW Police
  • Tony Chapman, NSW Chief Cyber Security Officer, Cyber Security NSW
  • Rebecca Riant, Chief Executive Officer, Clubs NSW
  • John Whelan, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Hotels Association (AHA) NSW
  • Jinesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Gaming Technologies Association
  • Don Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Leagues Clubs Australia
  • Professor Joel Negin, Trustee, Responsible Gambling Fund
  • Joanna Quilty, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Council of Social Services
  • Rev Stu Cameron, Chief Executive Officer and Superintendent, Wesley Mission
  • Imogen Beynon, Deputy Director, Casinos, Clubs & Gaming
  • Professor Sally Gainsbury, Director, Gambling Treatment and Research Centre, Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney University
  • Professor Melanie Randle, Dean of Research, Development and Integrity, Wollongong University.
  • Nick McGhie, lived experience Panel member.

The Panel may invite experts to provide advice, including external experts and government bodies such as from NSW Crime Commission, NSW Information and Privacy Commission and Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC).

What will the Independent Panel do?

The Panel will oversee the cashless gaming trial, including mandating certain requirements to participate in the trial and recommending an appropriate mix of venues for the trial.

Once the cashless gaming trial concludes, the Panel will review findings of the trial and develop recommendations for Government, taking into consideration infrastructure investments required, impact on employment and industry, options to further reduce gambling harm and the impact on reducing the risk of money laundering.

Additionally, the Panel will provide advice to Government to inform a gaming reform implementation roadmap by November 2024.

Panel communiqués

Each communiqué outlines what was discussed at each meeting and has been prepared by the Panel Chair.

Inaugural meeting

August 2023

The Independent Panel on Gaming Reform held its inaugural meeting in Sydney on Monday, 14 August 2023.

The Panel is chaired by former Office of Liquor and Gaming Commissioner Michael Foggo, supported by executive members Dr Ursula Stephens and The Hon Niall Blair.

Other members include key industry, law enforcement, community, and harm minimisation representatives.

Key outcomes from the meeting

Acknowledging the complexity of the NSW gaming machine environment, Panel members affirmed their commitment to working productively together to reduce opportunities for money laundering and to minimise the potential harm from electronic gaming machines.

The Panel’s first task is to establish the framework for the cashless gaming trials it will oversee.   Panel members were briefed on the cashless gaming trials already underway in NSW.

During its first meeting, the Panel considered the important aspects to be considered as part of the trial including harm minimisation protections, anti-money laundering protections, data security and privacy protections, and requirements to enable venues to participate in trials.

The Panel will further consider the objectives, design and framework of the trial at its next meeting in September.

Next meeting

The Independent panel will meet again in September 2023.

The NSW Government established the Independent Panel on Gaming Reform as part of its commitment to gaming reform in NSW and to oversee an expanded cashless gaming trial.

September 2023

The NSW Government has committed to undertake a cashless gaming trial for electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in clubs and hotels. The purpose of the trial is to ensure that evidence can be collected by the Independent Panel so recommendations can be developed for Government, taking into consideration the impact on gaming harm and reducing money laundering. The recommendations will also take into consideration the infrastructure and investments required, as well as the impact on employment.

The Panel has issued invitations for technology providers and venues to apply to participate in the cashless gaming trial. There are minimum requirements for applicants including harm minimisation protections, anti-money laundering protections, data security and privacy protections.

Applications will be submitted to the Panel for assessment and approval at the next meeting in October 2023.

SOURCE: Liquor & Gaming NSW

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