Connecticut Lottery Corp. Close To Filling Void Left by Rush Street Interactive’s Exit

September 4, 2023 | Government

Connecticut  (August 31, 2023) –The Connecticut Lottery Corp. is actively working to secure a new sportsbook partner to replace Rush Street Interactive, which announced its departure from the Connecticut market earlier in the year. The Lottery has been in negotiations with a new vendor and is aiming to announce this change in the near future.

To provide some context, the Connecticut Lottery Corp. is one of three licensed sportsbook operators in Connecticut, alongside the two tribal casinos. They initially entered into a 10-year contract with Rush Street ahead of the launch of sports betting in October 2021.

Rush Street Interactive’s decision to exit the partnership in March presented the need for a new vendor. Negotiations with this new vendor have been ongoing since June, and the transition will encompass various aspects, including the switch from Rush Street’s platform to the new vendor’s platform. This transition will impact users who will need to download a new app and retail locations that will need to adapt.

The Lottery is planning to open up to 10 retail locations, including two in Hartford and Bridgeport, with additional locations being considered. The financial performance of the Lottery-Rush Street partnership has been behind that of the tribal casinos and their respective sportsbook partners in terms of revenue generated for the state.

However, despite the challenges, the Connecticut Lottery Corp. has seen significant growth in its sports betting business, with a substantial increase in gross revenue from both retail and online sports betting compared to the previous year.

Overall, the Lottery is optimistic about the future of its sports betting operations and is actively working on improving its position in the market.

SOURCE: LI Contributor.

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