Dutch Gaming Regulator Issues Warnings for Untargeted Advertising in the Street Scene

September 5, 2023 | Compliance
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (September 4, 2023) — The Gaming Authority (Ksa) issued three warnings in August for untargeted advertising in public places. Several providers had violated the new advertising rules regarding online gambling. These came into effect on July 1 this year.

In the period after the ban came into effect, the Ksa received several signals. These signals showed that advertising such as billboards and bus shelters from various online gambling providers were still visible in public places.

Warning instead of fine

The Ksa informed providers in advance about the new regulations and warned them not to push the boundaries. In the event of obvious violations, the Ksa would take immediate enforcement action. After receiving the signals, the Ksa immediately requested information from the relevant gambling providers. Following the adequate responses and immediate action, the Ksa issues a warning. The advertisements were stopped after contact with the various providers and were no longer seen.

Ban on untargeted advertising for remote gambling

The ban on untargeted advertising for online gambling came into effect on July 1, 2023. This means that advertising on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines is prohibited as of July 1. Advertising in public places, such as billboards and bus shelters, and in buildings accessible to the public, such as gaming casinos, arcades, cinemas and cafes, is also not permitted. Advertising via the internet, direct mailing, on-demand TV, social media or in the online gaming environment remains permitted under strict conditions.

SOURCE: De Kansspelautoriteit (Ksa).

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