Funded Three Projects to Raise Awareness About Gambling Addiction

September 16, 2023 | Government

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (September 14, 2023) — The Addiction Prevention Fund (VPF) finances three pilot projects in the context of information about the risks of gambling. This concerns an update of the e-learning early detection of addiction problems, a guide on in which people are informed about the risks of participating in games of chance and where they can go for help with concerns about money, and the provision of aid materials to schools. for identifying and providing guidance for risky or problematic gambling behavior among young adults.

The money for these projects comes from the VPF , which was established in 2021 and is financed by an additional gambling levy on providers of high-risk games of chance. The Gaming Authority (Ksa) manages this fund and works together with the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and Justice and Security (JenV) on the expenditure of the funds. The VPF has several spending objectives, including information about the risks of gambling.

E-learning early detection of gambling problems

At the opening of the market for online gambling, addiction agency Jellinek developed a digital training offer for professionals at the request of the Ministry of Justice and Security to inform them about addiction problems in online gambling. This includes first-line professionals such as doctors, mental healthcare providers, psychologists and debt counsellors. This way they can identify a gambling addiction better and earlier. These training courses have not been further developed since then. Jellinek now receives a budget from the VPF to update the e-learning and further promote awareness of the training, to improve early detection of addiction. For further active rollout of the module, the focus will be on POH-GGZ and debt counselors. If it turns out that the e-learning is insufficiently tailored,

Money fit

Through Gelfit, people with questions and concerns about money gain insight into their situation. They discover what steps they can take to regain control of their money. People can also call for personal advice. Gambling addiction can lead to major financial problems. That is why an online guide is being developed around this specific theme, so that people can regain control of their situation. The guide provides information about, among other things, the risks of participating in games of chance. Where necessary, people are put in touch with appropriate help.

Bright at school: gambling

The Trimbos Institute offers schools a prevention program on, among other things, smoking, drinking, drugs and (excessive) gaming. This program, Clear at School, encourages young people to make the right healthy choices themselves. Helder at School also focuses on the environment of young people. Parents and school staff are supported in recognizing and limiting risky behavior. The Trimbos Institute will develop materials to improve the identification and guidance of risky or problematic gambling behavior among young adults. This will be provided to schools within the Clear at School programme.

All three of the above projects were created through a collaboration between the Ksa, VWS and JenV. The projects are carried out on a pilot basis. If the results are satisfactory, the financing can be extended.

SOURCE: de Kansspelautoriteit (The Gaming Authority ( Ksa ).

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