Incode Technologies and Aristotle Reinvent Identity and Age Verification in the Gambling Sector

September 19, 2023 | Responsible gaming

Incode and Aristotle’s integration offers online users next-level speed and ease through combined solution

San Francisco, September 18, 2023 Incode Technologies Inc., a leading provider of world-class identity verification and authentication solutions for global enterprises, today announced a partnership with Aristotle Integrity, a leader in identity, KYC and anti-fraud services.

Now, Aristotle can offer the Incode-powered Integrity AutoDoc solution to its customers across the iGaming and Sportsbook sector. Aristotle manages a majority of transactions done within the gambling sector, as the company is licensed in 22 different US states and territories, by powering onboarding with most of the largest operators in the space.

With this revolutionary partnership, Aristotle has integrated Incode into Integrity AutoDoc, part of Aristotle’s suite of identity and age verification solutions. The integration enables customers and prospects to combine the value of Aristotle’s Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) service, Integrity IDV and AML, with the capabilities of Incode’s industry-leading document and biometric verification technologies for enhanced speed and ease-of-use.

Aristotle also operates in other sectors, including crypto, financial services, social media, and adult age verification.

The integration adds Incode’s Passive Liveness Detection to the platform, which can determine whether credentials provided by Aristotle customers represent a live person, rather than a high-tech fake, offering industry-leading fraud detection and accuracy. Incode’s fully automated, end-to-end, biometric authentication technology offers speed and efficiency like never before to Integrity AutoDoc. Incode provides the ability to process users’ sensitive, biometric data right on the edge of the device to authenticate in record time, rather than outsourcing to remote data analysis centers that slow down the process and create privacy concerns.

“We are excited to partner with Incode to offer our customers access to Incode’s next-generation ID verification technology for enhanced speed and ease-of-use across a variety of sectors,” said Michael Bolcerek, SVP of Business Development at Aristotle. “We’re thrilled to equip our customers with better, more robust capabilities that promote privacy and simplify the user experience.”

“The challenges of compliance expenses, data responsibility, and the rise of age verification concerns underscore the difficulties legacy identity systems pose for iGaming and gambling,” said Ricardo Amper, CEO and Founder of Incode. “Now, Aristotle is powering AutoDoc with Incode’s global, end-to-end identity orchestration offerings to enable seamless attestation that protects against fraud and underaged gambling and gaming without needlessly giving away PPI.”

Incode’s work with Aristotle is yet another addition to Incode’s arsenal of strategic integrations and alliances, including its recent partnership with Snappt to bring industry-leading identity verification to property management.

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Incode Technologies is revolutionizing the trust industry by transforming Identity Verification and Authentication across every major vertical. Incode serves the Financial Services, Gaming, Hospitality, Government and Entertainment sectors with the most accurate, flexible, and easy-to-integrate proprietary technology. Incode’s fully automated AI-powered platform solves Onboarding (KYC, KYB, Age Verification), Passwordless Authentication, and Payment Verification (AML) to reduce fraud and increase conversion rates with the highest privacy and safety standards.

With over $220 million raised from investors such as General Atlantic, Softbank, and JP Morgan, Incode’s “One Identity Everywhere” mission is rapidly gaining global adoption. Based in San Francisco, with offices and operations worldwide, Incode is partnering with the most innovative brands to reimagine trust.

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About Aristotle Integrity

Integrity is a suite of widely accepted identity and age verification solutions. Providing tailored solutions for both commercial and government sectors, Integrity is the most comprehensive and cost-effective approach for KYC, AML, age and identity verification available across multiple platforms.

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