Invincible GG Announces First-Of-Its-Kind AI-Powered Mobile Horse Racing Game, Owner’s Club

September 8, 2023 | Vendor News

Utilizing cutting-edge patented technology to power Owner’s Club, players can compete in games of skill for cash prizes and acquire, develop, and race horses

BETHESDA, Md.Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Invincible GG (IGG), the innovative brand developing AI-powered virtual sports, launched the Owner’s Club website and its NFT Storefront. Here horse racing and skill gaming enthusiasts can acquire IGG’s unique AI-powered NFT horses to compete in this unique mobile skill game. Invincible GG is the first company to converge mobile skill gaming, NFT gaming, and gambling in a way that is legal and compliant with US and international gaming regulations. Their patented technology redefines competitive gaming through real money and skill-based contests, placing players in command of AI-powered entities securely stored on the blockchain, seamlessly melding strategy and gaming intelligence.

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Within Owner’s Club, players will have the limitless opportunity for live player-vs-player (PvP) competitions with intelligent horses that are managed and controlled by their owner-players, who compete in real-time based on innate abilities, genetic traits, learned skills, and owner-employed tactics. Owners must develop their horses to excel at specific distances, on dirt or turf surfaces, and in various race conditions to find financial success. These elements of true skill gaming are the key differentiator of the gaming platform.

Each horse’s core abilities are developed by players through the course of gameplay to allow specialization of each horse and to become strong competitors in specific types of races. A horse’s core attributes, including speed, stamina, and acceleration, comprise how a horse will perform in a race. The genetic factors of a horse, as well as the care, feeding, and training it sustains through its player-owner, are also contributing factors to the outcome of each race.

Owner’s Club horses are AI-powered entities that can be acquired: in-game, as NFTs in our Owner’s Club Marketplace, or via breeding. Standard or premium in-game horses can be acquired for in-app currency inside the game’s mobile store. Standard horses can be trained, learn vital racing skills, be minted as NFTs, and eventually bred. Premium horses come fully trained and are ready to race competitively but cannot be minted. NFT horses can be acquired through drops or auctions on the Owner’ Club marketplace.

Players can sign up today to receive exclusive rewards and join the waitlist for our Maiden NFT drop. The maiden drop will contain a “Superfecta” selection of 1,234 AI-NFT horses of different grades, including a percentage of our highest quality and extremely rare NFTs.

Owner’s Club will offer scheduled and broadcast races to casinos, tracks, and venues with legal wagering through licensees. The racetracks will replicate historic venues with capabilities of 24/7 racing. The game provides an accessible, immersive horse racing experience for fans and players to engage in through training and racing virtual horses and horse ownership while also connecting with other enthusiasts and players within the community.

“We are excited to launch Owner’s Club and provide a new and unique way for fans to experience the sport,” said Invincible GG CEO Jonathan Strause. “Our platform makes horse racing accessible to all and allows players to truly own their horses and experience the thrill of horse racing in an unprecedented way. We believe that our Owner’s Club gaming ecosystem will set a new standard for mobile skill gaming and engage a new generation of horse racing fans as well.”

Visit the Owner’s Club website to sign up for the NFT lottery and follow on XFacebookRedditInstagram, and Discord for the latest news and game updates.

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