Proposals for Changes in Technical Requirements for Physical Lotteries, Notified to the EU

September 14, 2023 | Government

Strängnäs, Sweden (September 12, 2023) — On 11 September 2023, the Gaming Authority submitted proposals for amendments to the “Lottery Inspectorate’s regulations and general advice on state lotteries and lotteries for public benefit purposes (LIFS 2018:4)” to the Chamber of Commerce for notification to the EU.

Regulation (LIFS 2018:4) regulates which requirements physical lotteries must meet before sales of the lotteries can begin. The Swedish Gaming Authority has analyzed today’s requirements and found that changes are needed in these for physical lotteries.

The purpose of the changes is that the design of physical lottery security features should be proportionate and reasonable for what is possible for modern printers to meet.

SOURCE: Spelinspektionen (The Swedish Gaming Authority).

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