Sporting Risk Launches Hat-Trick of Same Game Multis Products

September 19, 2023 | Government

Monday 18th September 2023 – Sporting Risk, the experts in Betting, Forecasting and Analytics in Sport, has launched a hat-trick of Same Game Multis (SGMs) products to enhance customer engagement with this key sportsbook feature, and in turn drive operator revenues.

Sporting Risk’s SGMs, also known as Betbuilders, are augmented with real-time insights to help customers make informed decisions. Meanwhile the combinations include proprietary player and team stats markets that help operators stand out from their competitors.  Increased depth of the offering means operators can localise for customers in specific regions that have not been well served in the past.

The three products now available are Pre-canned SGMs, BetSlip+1 and Sporting Risk’s Betbuilder CoPilot. The first of these is algorithmically designed to provide recommendations for the most interesting market combinations in the context of each specific match. The second product, BetSlip+1, encourages customers who usually make single selections to consider exploring longer combinations. It accomplishes this by providing supporting reasons for the next most interesting markets that could be combined. Lastly, Sporting Risk’s Betbuilder CoPilot guides customers through the market selection process. It offers bespoke suggestions at each stage to streamline decision-making, minimise clicks, and boost overall customer satisfaction.

Andy Phillips, CCO, commented: “Our state-of-the-art SGM platform goes beyond the current best in class offering by using statistical insights to select the combinations and presenting customers with that context.   Then we add a huge range of proprietary player markets and deeper league coverage to the mix to give operators the most engaging version of this key product.”

About SportingRisk 

Sporting Risk is a sports analytics company that specialises in building predictive models to generate market leading pricing and betting content. The business foundations originate from a profitable sports betting syndicate, now in its tenth year of operation. Part of this success is driven by its intimate knowledge and understanding of player based modelling. The company’s predictive models are built using the most granular raw data available in the marketplace, and this is complemented by the founders’ experience in professional sport, which previously included recruitment and tactical consultancy services on behalf of leading top tier clubs in the UK, Europe and USA.  Today Sporting Risk’s focus is leveraging this IP for sports betting operators.

SOURCE: Sporting Risk.

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