Banco de Brasília President Says Bank Will Select New Partner for DF Lotteries

October 29, 2023 | Government

BRB’s contract with Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa to create the DF Lotteries has expired, and the bank will make a new selection

BRAZIL (October 27, 2023) — The president of Banco de Brasília ( BRB ), Paulo Henrique Costa, is reported by the local media as saying that the financial institution will select a new partner for the structuring and launch of the DF Lotteries.

Local media outlet Metrópoles reported BRB had chosen, among international entities specializing in games, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. The Portuguese organization has expertise in the area by exploring social games exclusively throughout Portuguese territory since 1784.

The contract between BRB and Santa Casa was closed in March, but lost its validity due to the expiry of the deadline for obtaining legal authorizations, as the Federal District Court of Auditors (TCDF) ordered the business to be halted in the same period . day of signing the agreement.

In an interview with Metrópoles , this Thursday (26/10), Paulo Henrique Costa said that BRB did not make financial contributions to the business, nor did Santa Casa.

“The authorizations were not obtained, and the contract lost its validity. No resources were invested by either Santa Casa or BRB. There was a decision by the Federal District Court of Auditors that the process be suspended until all studies were completed and analyzed. As a result, nothing was invested,” he stated.


Now, according to the president of BRB, the bank will resume the partner selection process to carry out the DF Lotteries.

Interested parties must meet the bank’s requirements, such as being a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA), having experience working in more than one country and in different types of games and necessarily having headquarters in Brazil or having a Brazilian associate.

“The partner selection process returns to the previous steps, in which we will send new invitation letters to these WLA members. We will, again, make presentations about the business plan, the game modalities and ask them to present proposals. From then on, we will choose a new partner”, said Paulo Henrique Costa.

Asked why BRB chose a partner with international experience and not a Brazilian company, the president responded that the requirement to operate in other countries is to ensure that the entity has international certification with safety and credibility standards.

The public lottery service in the country’s capital was approved by the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF) in May 2022 , after the Federal Supreme Court (STF) understood that the Federation units could explore this type of business . The assignment for operational activities related to the exploration of the games was given to BRB.

The president of the BRB stated that he estimates that, in 10 years, the DF Lotteries will allocate R$2 billion to social causes defined by law, such as financing education and sports.

Regarding the assignment to BRB to operate the DF Lotteries, Paulo Henrique Costa said that a bank has essential characteristics to provide security to the business, as is the case with Caixa Econômica Federal, which takes care of the Lotteries.

“The bank has a set of characteristics that are important for the success of games: we have capillarity, that is, the number of points of sale – not only physical ones, but digital ones –; we have money laundering prevention controls and internal controls; we have technology standards capable of offering security and availability to games; and credibility,” he stated.

By: Isadora Teixeira

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