Minister is Developing a Stricter Framework for Fulfilling the Duty of Care

October 28, 2023 | illegal gambling

Netherlands (October 23) — Minister Weerwind is working on a stricter framework for the fulfillment of the duty of care, especially in the area of ​​playing limits. He stated this in his answer to parliamentary questions asked about influencers who promote illegal match-fixing groups. According to the minister, the case shows the importance of legal gambling offerings, but with clear frameworks.

On Friday, Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind and Minister of Justice and Security Dilan Yesilgöz-Zegerius answered parliamentary questions about influencers who advertise for so-called match-fixing groups . On August 14, several parliamentary questions were asked by various MPs. Michiel van Nispen (SP), Anne Kuik (CDA), and Mirjam Bikker (Christian Union) asked their questions to Minister Weerwind. The other questions came from Steven van Weyenberg, Hülya Kat, and Jeanet van der Laan (all D66). They addressed their questions to the Minister of Justice and Security.

Importance of legal offer

Van Nispen, Kuik, and Bikker asked the minister whether he was familiar with the AD research on ‘ the negative role of influencers on the gambling addiction of young people ‘. In his answer, however, Weerwind points out an incorrect interpretation of the article, because it did not mention gambling addiction. “This message is about influencers who would incite their followers to commit criminal acts,” the minister explains.

The MPs also wanted to know what can be done to combat gambling on (obscure) matches abroad. The minister is clear about this, because according to him the situation shows why it is important that there is a legal offer of gambling.

Legal providers are not allowed to offer sports betting on every competition in the world and must adhere to predetermined guidelines. In addition, bookmakers must be affiliated with integrity organizations such as the International Betting Integrity Association ( IBIA ). In this way, providers contribute to the fight against crime such as match fixing.

Weerwind also wants to clarify something in this area in his answer. As far as we know, there is no match fixing. Both groups of MPs asked questions regarding the manipulation of matches and the promotion of these criminal acts, but according to the minister this is not an issue. However, there would be fraud, because the young people buy false information in the Telegram groups.

Making young people resilient against online scams

The minister therefore sees added value in better information to prevent online scams. Weerwind therefore announces that the central government will start a ‘multi-year campaign program to increase the digital resilience of Dutch citizens’. The first campaign of this program will start soon and is specifically aimed at young people. With this first campaign, the government hopes to increase the action prospects of young people to ‘ among other things, recognize messages and advertisements in a timely manner that are too good to be true ‘.

This campaign should also ensure that influencers are less likely to be tempted to advertise such criminal activities. However, the ministers say that it is prohibited at all to use influencers to promote risky gambling offerings. Influencers fall under the ban on the use of role models that has been in force since June 2022.

In addition, Weerwind believes that social media platforms also have an important role in preventing these forms of scams. He hopes that companies such as Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, will develop algorithms to prevent these ads.

Weerwind also addresses the questions surrounding the reporting of victims. After all, many victims would not do this, because they also commit criminal offenses themselves. Incitement to match fixing, as gamblers do, is also prohibited. The minister hopes that people will still report it via Report Crime Anonymous if such a situation arises again. However, no reports have been received from victims to date, Weerwind said.

Weerwind is working on a stricter framework for the interpretation of the duty of care

Finally, the minister addresses the question posed by Bikker, Van Nispen, and Kuik as to whether the legalization of online gambling has been to the detriment of society. They also asked the minister if he would explain how he still has control over debts and social problems. Weerwind once again states that he does not yet want to draw any conclusions about the effects of the Remote Gambling Act. This will be discussed during the evaluation scheduled for 2024.

Weerwind does say that the online gambling market is developing partly in line with expectations. Especially in the field of channelization, because most players play on the legal offer. However, there are signals that require adjustment, he continues:

I am working on a stricter framework for fulfilling the duty of care, especially in the area of ​​playing limits.

Minister Franc Weerwind

It would be the next step in the measures already taken. The ban on role models was introduced earlier and since July 1, online gambling providers have been prohibited from making untargeted advertising. This calendar year, Minister Weerwind will share a work agenda with the House of Representatives that will include current and future activities in the field of addiction prevention.

By: Jeffrey Noeken

SOURCE: CasinoNieuws.

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