MPU’s Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies Held Seminar on New Technologies and Casino Surveillance

October 17, 2023 | Casinos

MACAU, SAR (October 16, 2023) — The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies at Macao Polytechnic University, in collaboration with the Macao Association of Young Employees in the Gaming Industry, recently organized a special seminar entitled “The Impacts and Challenges of New Technologies on Casino Surveillance”. The seminar featured presentations by Associate Professor Dr. Tang Su Kit from Macao Polytechnic University, as well as industry experts Dr. Manson Yip and Mr. Chris Fong. The event attracted industry professionals, graduate students specializing in gaming and recreation management, researchers and educators.

The seminar covered topics such as “Considerations for the Application of New Technologies to Gaming Technical Standards”, “Techniques and Regulations for Cashless Transactions in the Gaming Industry” and “A Brief Discussion on the Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Gaming and Related Fields”. It introduced emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and artificial intelligence, and their integration into the casino and tourism industry, as well as the challenges they pose for casino regulation.

During the interactive discussion session, the speakers engaged in lively discussions with the participants on various topics. Participants said that the seminar had stimulated their thinking on the new developments of high-tech applications in the casino and tourism market, as well as the associated security risks and surveillance considerations. The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies at Macao Polytechnic University will continue to collaborate with the industry to organize more high-quality seminars, contributing to the development of the Macao gaming and tourism industry, and emerging sectors.

SOURCE: Macao Polytechnic University (UPM).

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