Prime Minister Urges Cabinet to adopt the Emergency Ordinance that Regulates the Betting Industry

October 6, 2023 | Government

ROMANIA (October 5, 2023) — Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting that today we also adopt the emergency ordinance that regulates the betting industry, in the interest of Romanian citizens.

First of all, gambling companies can no longer operate unless they are registered in Romania. I want to put an end to the situation where betting companies make billions in Romania but send all the profit outside the country and even outside the European Union.

Next, we will significantly increase the fees for all gambling licenses and severely limit the advertising space that companies in this industry can buy.

Reality shows us that every limit has been exceeded. It’s not normal for the betting industry to have so much power. During the pandemic, they sat at the Government table, now they threatened politicians, and fired journalists. I think that is enough. It has gone way too far.

SOURCE: Romanian Government.

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