Application Forms Approved for Sports Betting Licenses

November 30, 2023 | Government

RALEIGH, NC (November 29, 2023) – The North Carolina State Lottery Commission approved applications for sports betting licensure on Wednesday, taking a major step forward in the licensing of sports betting operators in North Carolina.

The approval allows for the commission to begin accepting applications for interactive sports wagering operators as well as the associated sports betting suppliers and providers.

“We know North Carolinians are wondering when the first bets can be made,” said Ripley Rand, chair of the commission. “Lots of work still needs to be completed. The commission is going to be thoughtful and thorough in its rulemaking. We are committed to being open and transparent in what we do. And we are committed to ensuring fairness for everyone involved.”

As commissioners approved the application forms, they reviewed what steps still must be done. The steps included:

  • Know exactly how many applicants we have for licenses.
  • Complete the initial rulemaking process for sports betting.
  • Complete background checks on applicants and their key individuals.
  • Approve provisional licenses for suppliers.
  • Make sure that licensed operators’ proposed internal controls are robust and compliant, and that their key equipment and software have been certified by an independent laboratory

Rand advised the commission that some key parts of the timetable are not in its control, but that of sports betting operators and others who will play a major role in how quickly sports betting can begin. Applicants need to:

  • Submit their complete applications as soon as possible. The commission’s staff anticipate that it will need applications in and complete by Dec. 27 so that a fair “go live date” for operators can be set.
  • Obtain a “written designation agreement” that will accompany operators’ applications. These agreements are a unique requirement in North Carolina’s sports betting law. They are private business agreements that must be established between an operator applicant and a sports team, a sports league, or venue.
  • Be ready to show full compliance with rules and show internal control systems are in place to protect bettors.
  • Demonstrate a responsible gaming program has been established and is ready to go.

“We see questions about whether sports betting will be up and running in time for the Super Bowl,” Rand said, “It’s clear, however, with all the work remaining to be done and the timetable set out in state law that unfortunately won’t be the case. Approving applications is a major step forward. With all the progress we’ve made, we expect to be in a position early in the New Year to announce when sports betting can begin in North Carolina.”

Click on this link to view a video providing a progress report from the North Carolina State Lottery Commission.

SOURCE: North Carolina State Lottery Commission.

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