Cibelae Actively Participates in the SBC Summit Latin America 2023

November 6, 2023 | Government

Buenos Aires, Argentina (November 3, 2023) — Authorities and members of the Ibero-American Corporation of State Lotteries and Betting (Cibelae) have joined the debate of ideas at the SBC Summit Latin America 2023 , recognized as one of the main events in the Latin American gaming and betting industry, which was held from October 31 to November 2, 2023 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Miami, Florida.

SBC Summit Latin America has brought together leaders and specialists from the betting and gaming industry in Latin America, and Cibelae was represented by a distinguished group of members and experts from the sector. Every year, this event offers a highly interesting platform to share best practices, localized marketing strategies and the latest technologies in a constantly evolving market.

Among the prominent members of Cibelae who participated in the agenda of activities, among other professionals and experts in the sector, were:

  • Javier Milián , president of the National Charity Lottery of El Salvador and president of Cibelae.
  • Martín García Santillán , president of the Buenos Aires City Lottery.
  • Esmeralda Britton González , president of the Social Protection Board of Costa Rica.
  • Ida López , president of the Mendoza Lottery Institute.
  • Karen Marcela Sierra-Hughe s, VP of LatAm, Caribbean & Spain at Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).
  • Charmaine Hogan , Head of Regulatory Affairs Playtech at Playtech.
  • JD Duarte , CEO of Betcris.
  • Camilo Millon , Sales Director of Kambi.
  • Rodrigo Cigliutti , executive director of Cibelae.

The active participation of Cibelae representatives in the SBC Summit Latin America underlines the entity’s commitment to promoting collaboration and the continued growth of the betting and gaming industry in Latin America. These leaders shared experiences and knowledge in various sessions and panel discussions, providing valuable information on current trends and challenges in the region.

Javier Milián , president of Cibelae, expressed his enthusiasm for participating in this important event: “SBC Summit Latin America is an exceptional opportunity to connect with industry colleagues and strengthen our alliances throughout the region. “We look forward to sharing our perspectives and contributing to the continued success of the industry in Latin America.”

A roadmap for collaboration between LATAM operators and legislators

One of the featured panels was “Cross-border collaboration: regulatory homogenization in Latin American gaming markets”, moderated by Karen Marcela Sierra-Hughes , VP of LatAm, Caribbean & Spain. It was a very interesting space where the speakers spoke about the paths they took to regulate online gambling, the contributions of other jurisdictions and the adaptations they have made to achieve successful results.

Martín García Santillan , president of the Buenos Aires City Lottery (Argentina) commented that the institution relied on the Spanish and Colombian models. Meanwhile, Ida López , president of the Lottery Institute of the Province of Mendoza (Argentina), explained that they were based on Lotba’s experience and implemented flexible regulations that facilitate updates. Today, Mendoza has three operating licenses and two more to come, of the seven enabled by provincial law.

Digitalization and regulation

Another panel that had the active representation of Cibelae was “Lotteries in Latin America: digitalization and regulation”, moderated by Rodrigo Cigliutti , executive director of Cibelae. It was a space for sharing key topics, such as the evolution of regulatory standards in each country, the impact of illegal gambling operations and the importance of raising awareness among legislative leaders regarding the classification of clandestine gambling as a crime. and the importance that organizations like Cibelae play in promoting common lines of action regarding legal and official gambling.

Esmeralda Britton , president of the Social Protection Board of Costa Rica, highlighted the positioning of the traditional lottery with the implementation of new modalities that allow maintaining interest in the client public; She mentioned that it is necessary to continue working so that official and legal gambling advances over illegal operations.

For his part, Javier Milián , president of the National Charity Lottery of El Salvador and president of Cibelae, joined via Zoom due to a weather alert in his country that had to suspend air traffic. He mentioned that in his country the new legislation was approved in record time, just two years, and highlighted the support of Cibelae in terms of sharing good practices and promoting contact between professionals and authorities of organizations in the region, which allowed significant advances. in matters of regulation.

In turn, Martín García Santillán , president of LotBA, evaluated the operation of online gaming in his jurisdiction, the city of Buenos Aires, as very positive, even though he was critical regarding lines of action that did not show the expected results in terms of the relationship between online and retail operations

All the speakers on the panel agreed in pointing out the scourge that illegal gambling represents in each of their jurisdictions. The variety of online platforms and modalities represent an additional challenge, which is why collaboration between official organizations and operators becomes imperative in the development of common regulatory frameworks that allow us to address this problem.


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