House Bill Aims to Address Concerns Regarding the Impact of Rental Fees on Charitable Gaming Payouts

November 20, 2023 | Financial

Concord, New Hampshire (November 20, 2023) — A proposed House Bill aims to address concerns regarding the impact of rental fees on charitable gaming payouts. The current situation allows casinos to charge charities rent for designated gaming days, leading to significant reductions in the funds that should be allocated to charitable organizations.

The growth of the charitable gaming industry since its legalization in 2006 has brought about more profitable establishments. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Fred Doucette, seeks to eliminate the rent charged to charities, arguing that the current model has outgrown its original purpose and is no longer suitable for the current state of the industry.

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Rep. Doucette emphasizes the need to put more money back into charities’ pockets for service delivery, especially as some casinos are making substantial profits. The varying rental rates across different establishments, determined by the “fair rental value of the property for any use,” have resulted in significant discrepancies. The bill aims to rectify this by eliminating rent charges altogether.

The Concord Monitor also highlights specific examples of casinos and their rental fees, illustrating how these fees can sometimes cut charitable donations in half. The commission on charitable gaming, on which Rep. Doucette sits, acknowledges the need for legislative action to address these issues.

Simultaneously, the commission is taking steps to study the charitable gaming landscape in New Hampshire comprehensively. They have allocated funds to hire consultants who will evaluate the revenue split between the state, charities, and casinos. The goal is to make recommendations for changes in the way charitable gaming is conducted in the state.

Overall, the bill and the commission’s efforts reflect a broader initiative to ensure that charitable gaming in New Hampshire remains fair, transparent, and beneficial to the intended recipients—charities and the public education system.

SOURCE: News Wire Services.

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