Measures to Strengthen Consumer Protection and Combat Criminal Activity in Connection with Games for Money

November 22, 2023 | Government

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In this legislative council referral, the government proposes measures to strengthen consumer protection in the gaming area (download).

It is proposed i.a. that the Gambling Act’s (2018:1138) provisions on permitted processing of personal data must be supplemented with a provision that it is permitted to process personal data within the framework of a licensee’s work with the duty of care, which aims to protect players against excessive gambling.

It is also proposed that a license holder should be given the opportunity to review and analyze information about a player’s health and finances, in order to take responsible gambling measures and discourage excessive gambling. It is further proposed that a written requirement be introduced for telephone sales of games. An agreement that has not been entered into in accordance with the writing requirement will be void.

In the legal council’s referral, it is also proposed that the penalty fee for violations of the money laundering act committed by a provider of games should be adjusted. Through the adjustment, the penalty fee for violations of the Money Laundering Act will be able to amount to the same maximum amount as for violations of the Gambling Act. The proposal aims to combat criminal activity in connection with games for money.

The changes to the law are proposed to enter into force on 1 April 2024. 1


SOURCE: Legislative Council referral from the Ministry of Finance