Mega da Virada 2023 Discover the Biggest Prizes in the Sport

November 28, 2023 | Lottery News

BRAZIL (November 27, 2023) — Another end of the year is approaching and, with it, the promises of joint and individual improvements are renewed. In the midst of all the commitments made, one request is almost unanimous among the population: to win at Mega da Virada! Hundreds of millions of Brazilians spend the entire year waiting for the draw on December 31st to bet their numbers and dream big. And for some lucky people, the dream comes true, proving that risking your luck is worth it.

This year, Mega da Virada has something extra: the estimated prize of R$550 million is the largest in history. That’s a lot of money for anyone! The record, until then, had been in 2022, when 435.21 million bets competed for the prize of R$541.9 million.

Champion states in prizes at Mega da Virada

Mega da Virada is CAIXA’s main lottery, with 116 winners in the main range over 14 years of existence. When it comes to hitting the jackpot and taking home the Mega da Virada prize, the Southeast is the absolute leader with three of the five most awarded states in history: São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. Bahia and Paraná complete the lucky podium, placing the Northeast and South on the list that Brazilians dream of being on.

The prize that does not accumulate

It’s worth remembering: Mega da Virada is a special draw, which does not accumulate prizes. So, if no one gets six tens right, the player who gets five tens takes home the prize and so on. In the case of more than one bet with the same number of hits, the prize is divided equally between them.

What happens to prizes not claimed by winners?

Lottery prizes have a period of up to 90 days for winners to claim. After this period, the amount is directed to the Higher Education Financing Fund (FIES).

Follow the draw

Don’t miss the Mega da Virada draw, which will be held on December 31st, on New Year’s Eve, with live broadcast on TV from 8pm. You can place your bets at lotteries across the country, via Internet Banking, the Loterias CAIXA app or the Loterias CAIXA portal, and a single bet costs R$5.00.

Access the Mega da Virada page and find out more on the Loterias CAIXA website.


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