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November 29, 2023 | Gambling

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SYDNEY, Australia October 2023 — The Gambling Harm Minimisation Advisory Committee was formed to assist the NSW Independent Casino Commission’s (NICC) gambling harm minimisation efforts and provide advice to reduce the risk of gambling harm in NSW casinos.

The Committee was established under the casino control laws and consists of four members: NICC Chief Commissioner Philip Crawford; Director of the Office of Responsible Gambling Alison Parkinson; Wesley Mission Operations Manager Sarah-Jane McGrath; and Merivale Group GM Commercial Mark Condi.

Mr Crawford said the Committee will bring strong focus to current and emerging risks in casinos and will meet quarterly to discuss the challenges facing vulnerable gamblers.

“As regulators we need to ensure we know who we are looking out for and where the balance of harm sits,” Mr Crawford said.

“The better we understand the problems, the better we can address them. The Committee will keep us grounded and keep the focus on protecting individuals and their communities.”

“The Committee is not involved in NICC decision making and was set up to consider issues, report on new approaches, and provide tailored advice for specific to casino environments.

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“We will focus on risk factors and trends, consider the effectiveness of existing and proposed casino regulation in NSW, and review and advise on the harm minimisation strategies being implemented by the casinos.”

Members were chosen for their personal and professional experiences of gambling harm. Potential members were invited to express their interest in joining and successful candidates were endorsed by the NICC.

“The legislation allows for up to five members, so we are on the lookout for another member to close the group,” said Mr Crawford.

“Each member is required to give their time, energy, and experience to inform casino regulation and ultimately help the NICC create safer, more responsive spaces for people struggling with gambling.”

More information about the Committee, its terms of reference and its members.

SOURCE: NSW Independent Casino Commission (NICC).

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