OKTO.CASH Expands in Spain, Germany, Croatia and Greece

November 10, 2023 | Financial

VIENNA, Austria (November 9, 2023) — OKTO is expanding its real-time cash-to-digital payment service into Spain, Germany, Greece, and Croatia, marking a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize payment experiences for both merchants and users. As a result of this expansion, e-merchants now have the capability to offer instant eVoucher payments in 12 countries at hundreds of thousands of locations with a single integration with OKTO.

OKTO.CASH is now accessible throughan extensive network of over 40,000 points of sale in Spain, Germany, and Croatia, with plans to extend to more than 90,000 points in these regions throughout the year. Alongside, OKTO expands further in Greece by tripling its network, surpassing 15,000 points. The expansion offers users convenient access to complete their cash-based transactions across renowned brands in various verticals, including kiosks, petrol and gas stations, supermarkets, and lottery outlets, among others.

This development underscores OKTO’s commitment to delivering a superior payment experience at every transaction and empowers global and local online merchants to enhance their service offerings and enter new markets effortlessly.

OKTO’s Chief Distribution Officer, Bjoern Katerbau, underscores the strategic synergy of this expansion with the company’s mission and goals. He adds: “Our mission is to forge seamless connections between countless consumers and numerous online merchants across a multitude of physical locations, offering cutting-edge phygital payment experiences. This expansion is a pivotal stride toward realizing this vision. These contracts signify a major milestone in our strategic roadmap, and we encourage you to keep an eye out for upcoming announcements as OKTO.CASH rolls out in numerous new regions in Europe and beyond.”

With the addition of these three European countries to its network, OKTO continues to solidify its position as a pioneer in the field of cash-to-digital solutions for e-commerce globally. The company remains dedicated to enhancing the payment experience for all parties involved and looks forward to further expanding its reach in the future.

For more information of OKTO’s mission and goals get in touch with Bjoern Katerbau, Chief Distribution Officer: katerbau@oktopayments.com | LinkedIn

For media inquiries, please contact Diana Theodoridi, Marketing Director: theodoridi@oktopayments.com | LinkedIn

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OKTO powers digital payments for every retail and online environment. Our unified payment platform combines secure, real-world transactions with the most powerful payment technology to create immersive payment experiences for both merchants and their users.

Since 2019, OKTO has been improving payment interactions for online and retail businesses and introducing frictionless digital payments with its local knowledge, sector expertise and international capabilities. This includes supporting customers across various regulatory landscapes with an embedded omnichannel approach.

The expanding business now employs over 140 payment experts and insiders as well as software engineers, serving some of the most exciting international markets including Brazil, Romania, Italy, Greece, Germany, the UK, and Spain.

By enabling responsible real-time transactions, we remove the friction and risk associated with traditional payments and deliver digital transformation opportunities for our customers and millions of consumers around the world.

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