ANJL Celebrates Regulation and Highlights “A Law That Brings Credibility and Security”

December 29, 2023 | Sports Betting

BRAZIL (December 22, 2023) — After  approval by the Senate of PL 3626/2023 , last Friday, December 22, the National Association of Games and Lotteries (ANJL) issued an official note welcoming the regulation of sports betting and online games in Brazil. According to ANJL, with the regulation, “bettors and operators are now protected by a law that brings credibility and security”

ANJL recognized the commitment of parliamentarians in a process that lasted almost a year, and highlighted the efforts of senator Ângelo Coronel (PSD-BA), in the Senate, and deputy Adolfo Viana (PSDB-BA), in the Chamber, as fundamental to the approval of the bill. Furthermore, according to the president of ANJL, Wesley Cardia, the approval of the PL was the victory of common sense and legality in favor of Brazilian citizens.

“Now, bettors and operators will be protected by the Law, minors will be protected and prohibited from accessing online betting platforms, and those prone to gaming addiction will be monitored,” highlighted Cardia.

It is worth highlighting that the text of PL 3626 defines rules for the exploration of the sector in the country , stipulates taxation for operators and bettors , in addition to determining the destination of the revenue, among other points.

“State control will create a scenario of legality, as it will oblige all those operating in the country to adopt ethical and responsible practices to serve bettors, it will encourage responsible gambling, the prevention of fraud, the manipulation of bets and the fight against laundering of money”, defended ANJL, in a note.

“With the regulation, it will be possible to suspend payments for bets suspected of manipulating results, in addition to verifying bettors using facial recognition technology. All of these mechanisms ensure credibility for bets and greater security for citizens”, concluded the ANJL.

It is worth highlighting that ANJL represents the bookmakers Betano, GaleraBet/PlayTech, Kaizen, Hebara, F12, PagBet, BetNacional, Mr. Jackbet, Primtemps, BetFast, Aposta Ganha, Liderança Capitalização and Parimatch.

SOURCE: Aposta10.

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