BCLC Report Marks Progress Toward Corporation’s 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance Goals

December 13, 2023 | Government

VANCOUVER, BCLC, Canada (December 11, 2023) — BCLC is reporting on the results of the progress made towards its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in 2022/23, including the steps it took to generate win-wins for the greater good through its social purpose

Winning With Purpose: BCLC’s Annual Report outlines some of the key actions taken by BCLC to meet the ambitious goals set out in its ESG framework. The report documents how, in addition to delivering a record of over $1.6 billion in net income to the Province of B.C., BCLC continued its efforts to create value through its operations by further embedding social purpose into its business and expanding upon its social and environmental commitments.

“Guided by our social purpose, we’ve focused on engaging and collaborating with stakeholders over the past year to integrate our ESG framework towards ambitious 2030 goals,” said Jim Gudjonson, Manager of Sustainability Innovation at BCLC. “This report tells the story of our purpose in action and, more importantly, the multiple ways we create value for our players and communities while generating net positive impacts on the planet.”

Highlights from the report include BCLC’s actions to:

  • Enhance Game Break, BCLC’s voluntary self-exclusion program, by adding an active reinstatement process that provides players the opportunity to assess whether they are prepared to return to gambling and offers information, support and empowerment to make the right choices for themselves.
  • Expand upon its Indigenous reconciliation and relationship-building journey by hiring a senior manager of Indigenous relations to lead its strategy.
  • Build upon its diversity, equity and accessibility through initiatives including hosting the inaugural all-Crowns Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion conference and implementing a more inclusive policy approach to statutory holidays.
  • Lay the groundwork for a decarbonization roadmap and begin exploring science-based targets for Scopes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Adopt a Stakeholder Governance Framework that sets out the organization’s approach to fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

The report is the first to combine reporting on BCLC’s financial and ESG performance. It mirrors the ESG framework established by BCLC in 2022, which set out three main themes with corresponding goals for 2030: becoming an industry leader in addressing climate change, creating a positive social impact and governing in the public interest.

To read Winning With Purpose: BCLC’s Annual Report 2022/23, visit: https://corporate.bclc.com/about-us/reports—disclosures.html


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