Concession of New Lottery System in the Brazilian State of Paraná Will be Carried Out with the Participation of B3

December 29, 2023 | Lottery News

Lottopar launches a Notice to grant the instant lottery modality and the entire process will be monitored by B3, the Stock Exchange in São Paulo. Companies that qualify for accreditation will have the contract signed at B3’s headquarters in São Paulo.

Member Logo  (December 12, 2023) — In another step to bring new entertainment options to the people of Paraná and at the same time a new source of revenue for investments in social projects, Lottopar launched this Tuesday, the 12th, Notice nº 003/2023 for the accreditation of legal entities to common concession to operate the instant lottery modality (scratch card), in physical and/or virtual media, via Protocol No. 21.306.064-3. This Notice is published and will remain available throughout its validity at, on the Purchasing Portal of the State of Paraná and on the Transparency Portal of the State of Paraná .

Accreditation for the concession will be carried out in two stages: the first aimed at qualifying the proponents and the second which will verify compliance with requirements for obtaining the concession. B3 (stock exchange located in São Paulo) will provide support to Lottopar’s special accreditation commission in document analysis. The signing of the contract and service order will take place at B3’s headquarters, in São Paulo.

The CEO of Lottopar highlights the launch of this instant lottery Notice. “In another important step for the lottery market in Paraná and following the guidelines of Governor Ratinho Junior to carry out processes with total transparency, we are carrying out this accreditation process through the exchange, B3, which is one of the most renowned stock exchanges and known throughout the world. We want to attract serious and reliable companies in the lottery segment, to offer the best service to the people of Paraná and also an opportunity to generate investment and jobs in Paraná”, stated Daniel Romanowski.

Requests for clarifications and information about the provisions of this Notice , its annexes and the accreditation procedures must be requested in writing in Portuguese and sent to the email

The term of the contract is ten years from the date of issuance of the service order, extendable for an equal period, with the term being limited to twenty years, in accordance with article 27-A, §6 of Federal Law No. 8,987 /1995.

INSTANT STATE LOTTERY – Popularly known as “scratch card”, this is a type of game where the result is immediate. The bettor knows whether or not the ticket is a winner by scratching the hidden fields on the ticket, where combinations of numbers, symbols or characters that determine the prizes are engraved. The tickets that will be available in Paraná may be physical and/or virtual. As per notice.

FIXED GRANT – In this modality, those interested in obtaining the operating concession in Paraná must pay a fixed grant in the amount of R$ 15,000,000.00 (fifteen million reais).

SECURITY – As is already the case with the fixed-odd lottery betting modality, the “bettings” that are already in operation in the State, companies that wish to operate in Paraná with the instant lottery (scratch card) must necessarily connect to the Management Platform and Lottopar Payment Methods. “Monitoring sports betting inhibits fraud and allows us to work together with authorities to share information about suspicious actions, in addition to facilitating accountability to supervisory bodies. This will also work for this lottery modality, which should come into operation in the first half of 2024”, comments the CEO, Daniel Romanowski.

STOCK EXCHANGE – The former Bovespa, São Paulo Stock Exchange, is now B3 (Brazil, Bolsa, Balcão). B3 is one of the main financial market infrastructure companies in the world, operating in an exchange and over-the-counter environment. The Company is included in the Ibovespa, IBrX-50, IBrX and Itag indexes, among others. It also has a tradition of innovation in products and technology and is one of the largest in terms of market value, with a prominent global position in the handbag sector.

See the notice here.