DICJ: Gaming Concessionaires Implementing Investment Plans, Social Responsibilities

December 18, 2023 | Responsible gaming

Macau SARMACAU, SAR (December 18, 2023) — The gaming concessionaires have been complying with the investment plans and social responsibility commitments stipulated in the contracts, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) said in a reply to a written question put forth by lawmaker Leong Sun Iok, public broadcaster TDM reported.

The reply penned by DICJ director Adriano Marques Ho states that gaming companies have been carrying out social responsibility activities specified in the concession contracts in areas such as culture, sports, scientific research, and support for local SMEs.

“It has been found that concessionaires are orderly carrying out and implementing various investment plans according to the approved arrangements,” the gaming watchdog stresses.

The ‘Macau News Agencyreported that in his written query, Leong Sun Iok noted that under the new gaming law, one of the criteria for concession relates to the social responsibilities to be assumed by the gaming operators, with the respective content clearly defined.

The directly elected lawmaker affiliated with the Federation of Trade Unions asked what specific indicators and requirements have been enshrined in the contract since the new 10-year concession contracts came into effect this year, on January 1.

DICJ replied that the contracts stipulate that concessionaires must submit reports on the investments made in the previous year, adding that there is an assessment mechanism in place for concessionaires to fulfil their contractual obligations. “Although the concession contracts only require concessionaires to submit annual implementation reports to the government, the government has requested concessionaires to provide additional reports for a closer understanding and tracking of the implementation of concession contracts,” the regulator elaborated.

The Gaming Bureau also noted that “concessionaires have performed their responsibilities in an orderly manner as committed in the bidding documents and contract” in terms of education and training, hiring disabled or rehabilitated individuals, supporting the development of local small and medium-sized enterprises, diversifying local industries, and supporting charitable, scientific, environmental, cultural, and sports activities.

Under the new 10-year gaming concession terms, the six operators committed to investing a total of MOP 109 billion (US$13.6 billion) in non-gaming projects.

In the latest meeting held by the Tourism Development Council earlier this month, representatives from the gaming concessionaires presented their 2024 plans, encompassing the creation of new international gastronomy initiatives, additional typical restaurants, immersive themed entertainment facilities, international-level concerts and exhibitions, integrated medical service centres, urban revitalisation, and the organisation of international-level sports events, in line with the government’s “1 + 4” economic diversification development strategy.

SOURCE: Macau News Agency.

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