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December 15, 2023 | Casinos

Exclusive Interview with Tetiana Shumakova, Evoplay

Meet Tetiana Shumakova, a game producer at Evoplay with nine years of experience crafting engaging instant, crash, and cutting-edge 3D games. Beyond technicalities, she deeply comprehends crash gambling odds, strategic gameplay, and risk analysis. Together with the team, Tetiana crafts games for players seeking excitement and an adventurous gaming spirit. Outside of work, she has spent the last 13 years as the frontwoman of a rock band. Additionally, Tetiana channels her passion into writing books, honing her attention to detail and logical chain-building skills essential in game development.

Part 1: Future of Design in Crash Games

Question 1: Thanks for joining us for this talk. Let’s get right to it. How do you perceive the evolution of design in crash games, and what role has it played in the growth of the crash genre? Is design something you put a big emphasis on at Evoplay?

Evolution within the dynamic iGaming industry ensures a continual enhancement of game quality, providing an improved user experience for players. For us, it is essential because, since its inception, Evoplay has consistently focused on quality and innovation, earning recognition as an industry innovator. This approach resulted in accolades such as the Innovation of the Year at the SBC Awards 2023, the Innovation in Mobile award at the EGR B2B Awards, and numerous others.

Crash games play a pivotal role in our portfolio due to their strong player appeal, with player preferences remaining a top priority for Evoplay. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the design of crash games, exemplified by Goblin Run, where players can select character skins and dive into several settings. We aim to concentrate the player’s attention on the screen’s centre, optimising their gaming experience through design improvements. These updates actively contribute to the ongoing evolution of the crash genre.

Question 2: We’ve seen advanced 3D graphics, particularly in your Goblin Run game. In your opinion, does innovative design contribute to player engagement in crash gambling, and what design elements have proven most effective in capturing players’ attention?

The rapid evolution of the iGaming industry and its profound influence on game design and quality undoubtedly excite me as a game producer. At Evoplay, we prioritise players’ preferences, deeply attuned to their desires, which is implemented not only in Goblin Run but also in our other crash games like Mary’s Mining Mania or Long Ball.

Based on my extensive experience, players expect nothing less than top-notch 3D graphics, captivating design, clear elements, and, most importantly, immersive entertainment.

Presently, we’re actively crafting an exclusive offering with undisclosed details. We incorporated isometrics, revamped the UI/UX design for heightened player comfort, added features to ensure unwavering player focus on the game multiplier, and streamlined other features.

Question 3: With Web3 and technological advancements like virtual reality and NFTs influencing game design across various genres, do you envision these technologies impacting the design landscape of crash games in the near future?

Considering the trends above and others, the design of crash games is bound to evolve. However, we approach integrating technologies cautiously for two primary reasons – law regulations and the audience’s preferences.

Regarding regulations for crash games across jurisdictions, they vary significantly and may hinder their transformative evolution. Additionally, our audience of gambling enthusiasts is diverse, comprising both conservative players and the new generation raised on computer games, cryptocurrencies, and now AI and Web3. We should remember that the former approaches innovations cautiously, while the latter is more inclined to experimentation.

Moreover, ensuring the safety of players is a top priority for Evoplay. That’s why we carefully plan the sequence for the launch of any technology integration, prioritising a secure and innovative gaming experience for our players and partners.

Question 4: Games like Goblin Run from your company or NFT Aviatrix allow players to customise in-game characters and elements. How do you see the trend of player customisation influencing design strategies? Are customisation options something your team at Evoplay sees as crucial going forward?

The notion of player customisation holds significant interest for us, with a primary focus on ensuring the safety of our players. If the technology allows for secure integration, we are open to incorporating it in selected games. Our games already include an internal safe customisation system, enabling players to turn interface elements on or off based on their preferences.

Regarding design strategies, our objective is to provide players with an extensive array of unique elements. This approach not only aligns with current trends but is also a proactive response to the preferences of our discerning audience. Looking ahead, customisation options remain a crucial aspect that we are committed to exploring further, aiming to enhance player engagement and satisfaction.

Question 5: Roobet’s and Snoop’s Hotbox game is an example of a crash game incorporating design elements based on a celebrity figure. Do you think more thematic designs could become a trend in crash gambling, or is it merely a passing trend?

In crash games, leveraging themed designs is an intriguing prospect. The example set by Roobet’s and Snoop’s Hotbox offers valuable insights. However, in the iGaming industry, it’s crucial to gauge the interest our audience holds in such offerings before committing substantial resources.

For instance, in instant games, particularly those with a football theme, the potential appeal of having favourite players’ prototypes may resonate positively with the audience. Our approach relies on meticulous observation and studying player requests in both instant and crash games. What’s already evident is that we will build on the game’s setting.

Part 2: Future of Crash Gambling

Question 1: We’ve come a long way since the original Bustabit and MoneyPot crash games. Considering the current landscape and user preferences, how do you see the overall market trends for crash gambling evolving in the coming years?

The iGaming market takes advantage of technological advancements to enhance the player’s gaming experience. Influential elements such as AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Web3 are positioned to revolutionise gambling. However, their integration into our industry significantly depends on legislative regulations. Cryptocurrency regulations vary across jurisdictions, presenting ongoing challenges, and clarity on booming AI regulation is even scarcer.

In terms of design, our offerings already showcase dynamic games with cutting-edge graphics. Emerging technologies enable us to achieve this more efficiently and amplify the overall advantages for players.

Question 2: One thing we keep a close eye on here at Crash Gamber is the ever-evolving online and crash gambling regulations. Do you see increased regulations impact the future of crash gambling platforms and games, especially regarding features and user experience?

Perspectives on this matter may vary, but I tend to think that restrictions often spark innovative solutions corresponding to legal frameworks and granting players access to their favourite crash games. It’s a challenging issue, but its solution boosts the iGaming sector’s evolution.

As an industry innovator, Evoplay remains committed to seeking cross-functional technological solutions, ensuring players can continue enjoying their favourite games without compromising usability.

Question 3: We just talked about the future of the design in crash games, but if we step away from design for a second, are there specific emerging technologies that you believe will significantly impact the gameplay and overall experience of crash gambling? Can you uncover any future plans from your side?

We’re diligently improving both the backend and frontend of our games, incorporating features into the engine to optimise and elevate the gaming experience. Our primary focus revolves around refining these and other technical aspects.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of continuous advancements in technology and game design for enhancing user usability in our games, we consistently implement these innovations in the game creation process. This strategic approach positions us at the forefront of the iGaming industry.

Question 4: A big thing we’ve noticed lately in crash gambling is the rise of social gaming and interactive experiences. How do you anticipate integrating social elements into crash gambling platforms, and what impact could this have on the overall gambling experience?

We leverage every opportunity to enhance users’ enjoyment of the game, and social elements play a crucial role in achieving this. To enrich crash gambling platforms, integrating in-game chats is vital for fostering social interaction among players. This feature enables real-time sharing of emotions and experiences, creating a more engaging and connected iGaming community.

In multiplayer games, the social element enhances the gambling experience by promoting camaraderie and competition, making it more enjoyable and dynamic for players.

Question 5: I want to end our conversation by giving you a chance to provide us and the readers with any juicy details about your upcoming crash games, partnerships or anything else you want to reveal here with us. Fire away!

It’s fascinating to witness the evolution of game design and observe the seamless transition from 2D to immersive 3D experiences. The growing interest in next-gen crash games, enriched with social elements, is a testament to the evolving preferences of our audience and our diverse portfolio, featuring favourites like Goblin Run and Long Ball, High Striker, Lucky Crumbling, Save the Hamster, which cater to every taste.

In 2024, solo players can expect a surprise from Evoplay with adapted crash mechanics tailored for an engaging single-player experience.

In anticipation of changes in crash game design globally, we remain committed to aligning with player preferences. Our dedicated efforts aim to enhance clarity and convenience, thus elevating the overall gaming experience.\

SOURCE: Crash Games.

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