Lawmaker Proposing a Bill to Introduce Internet Gambling in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

December 18, 2023 | Internet

SAIPAN, CNMI (December 18, 2023) — According to local media reports¬†Representative Ralph N. Yumul is proposing a bill to introduce internet gambling in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). The motivation behind this proposal is to address financial concerns, especially in the absence of revenue from the locked casino on Saipan. Yumul is considering internet gambling as a potential solution to generate revenue and meet obligations, such as those related to retirees.

Key points from the proposed bill include:

  1. Types of Gambling Activities: The bill suggests allowing various forms of online gambling, including electronic gaming websites and internet-accessible software applications for games of chance or skill, sports and esports betting, as well as betting on special events like reality TV shows or political elections.
  2. Licensing Requirements: To operate, electronic gaming websites and software applications must be licensed. The bill emphasizes compliance with standards set by the secretary of the CNMI Department of Finance to ensure honesty, security, reliability, and auditability.
  3. Investor Requirement: While internet gambling occurs globally, an investor operating an internet gambling activity in CNMI would be required to have a business office in the CNMI.
  4. Blockchain Transactions: All financial transactions related to internet gambling would be conducted through blockchain technology. This approach is intended to enhance transparency, security, and regulatory control.
  5. Regulation and Taxation: The CNMI government would regulate internet gambling operators and collect taxes and fees from them. This includes regulating money transactions similar to principles used by services like PayPal.
  6. Comparison to Other Jurisdictions: Yumul mentions that several U.S. states, such as New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia, already offer internet casino gambling. The intention is to explore this avenue as an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar gambling operations.
  7. Community Involvement: Yumul emphasizes the importance of community input and careful consideration before implementing internet gambling. He wants to listen to members of the community to gauge their readiness and willingness to accept this type of gaming activity.

In summary, the proposed bill aims to introduce internet gambling in CNMI as a means of generating revenue and addressing financial challenges. The bill includes provisions for licensing, regulation, and taxation, with an emphasis on community input and careful consideration before moving forward with such a significant change in the local gaming landscape.

SOURCE: LI Contributor.

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