Staatsloterij Will Make 29 Dutch People Millionaires in 2023

December 29, 2023 | Lottery News

More new millionaires than ever

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Rijswijk, Netherlands (December 28, 2023) – More people than ever won at least one million euros tax-free in Staatsloterij draws this year. This year, 29 people have already won at least one million euros at the Staatsloterij. At the last minute of 2023, during the New Year’s Eve draw on December 31, at least one additional (multi-)millionaire will be added with the Grand Prize of 30 million euros. If the Grand Prize falls on two half tickets, these will become two additional millionaires, bringing the total number to 31 new millionaires.

Never before have so many people received a prize of at least one million euros in one year from the Staatsloterij. Bjorn Rosner, prize winner supervisor at the Dutch Lottery, of which Staatsloterij is part: ‘It is a successful year for the players of Staatsloterij. We were able to make many people happy with major prizes and heard the best stories in our prize winners room. From moving stories of people who were able to make one last beautiful journey together to cheerful stories about starters who can now start their lives together without any worries. The prizes have all been very well received.’

Number of millionaires from 2016
Last year, Staatsloterij also set a record. Then 28 new millionaires were added in the Netherlands.

2016: 20 new millionaires 2017: 27 new millionaires 2018: 17 new millionaires 2019: 23 new millionaires 2020: 18 new millionaires 2021: 26 new millionaires 2022: 28 new millionaires

The Staatsloterij also expects to see many new millionaires in 2024 with the largest net prize pool ever. Starting with the January 10 draw. In 2023, this was the most successful draw, as the jackpot of 16.3 million euros fell on five 1/5th tickets. In addition to the jackpot, two separate millions were also won, creating 7 millionaires in one month.

SOURCE: Staatsloterij Corporate Communications.

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