The Danish Gambling Authority Issues Fine of DKK 100,000 for Illegal Distribution of Games

December 1, 2023 | illegal gambling
DENMARK (November, 2023) — A person has accepted two fines totaling DKK 100,000 for illegally distributing games. The person advertised for operators without permission to offer games in Denmark.

The person in question as the owner of two websites which specifically referred to websites where players were able to play, even if they have self-excluded via ROFUS (The Danish Gambling Authority’s register of self-excluded players).

This is only possible on websites without a Danish license. Since it is not permitted to target advertising to Danes for sites without permission, the Danish Gambling Authority reported the person to the police earlier this year.

The police assessed that the domain owner has violated the law, and the person was therefore fined DKK 50,000 per website – a total of DKK 100,000 – which was the amount recommended by the Danish Gambling Authority.

It is the first time that a fine has been issued in a case concerning the dissemination of illegal gambling, where specific reference was made to how players registered in ROFUS may play.

SOURCE: Spillemyndigheden.

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